10 Things About A Guy That Will Make The Girl Who’s Always Single Finally Commit

Allegra Messina
Allegra Messina

1. He’s open with how he feels about you.

He doesn’t try to pretend like he’s less interested than he actually is just because he thinks you’ll enjoy the chase (which is one of many reasons the eternally single girl stays single to begin with). He won’t worry about what you’ll think if he does this or that, he just operates as if he wants to be with you, because he genuinely does.

2. He’s emotional.

Emotional men are extremely rare in this weird era we like to call modern dating, so when the girl who’s always single comes across one, she knows she has found something special. His fearlessness in being vulnerable is enough to make her want to finally settle down.

3. He’s comfortable talking about the future.

Talking about the future with you doesn’t scare him. He’s not afraid to plan something with you that’s a month away because he hopes you’ll stick around for at least that long. The future doesn’t scare him, what scares him is not having you in it.

4. He publicly displays his affection for you.

Not smacking your ass or grabbing your butt. He does things that would otherwise make you kind of cringe because they’re so ‘relationship-y,’ the things that you hate to admit make your heart melt a little. Like wrapping his arm around your waist when you’re walking down the street, or pulling you in to kiss your forehead when you look like something’s wrong, and he’s comfortable enough to do them in front of his friends, not just strangers. It doesn’t matter in his mind if you’re ‘not official.’ He just wants to be next to you and touching you constantly.

5. He posts photos with you on his social media.

When a guy is unafraid to post a photo with you and only you on social media, especially one that evokes more than friendship, he’s not worrying about what other girls he’s seeing or texting will think, most likely because he’s not seeing or texting them. A guy who’s comfortable in displaying your relationship on the WORLD WIDE WEB is a guy that girls who have been fucked over one too many times, appreciate.

6. He introduces you to people he cares about.

Most of the people who see your photos together on social media never actually hangout with the two of you because they don’t actually really matter to him. When he brings you around the people that matter, that’s when the eternally single girl realizes he might be looking for more than a hookup. He wouldn’t bring you around his friends or family if he were embarrassed of you, and he’s not.

7. He includes you in his life.

If he has a really important work party, he brings you. If his sister is having a baby shower, he brings you. If he makes you a part of his life it’s because he wants to, and this makes the otherwise eternally single girl who’s used to dating assholes, swoon.

8. He knows more about you than your favorite restaurant.

He takes time to learn the important things about you. Like how you have a weird obsession with memoirs, and how you really want to travel to all seven continents before you die and document every bit of it. He cares about your passions, your dreams and aspirations. He cares less about what your favorite color is, and more about what excites you and wakes you up each morning.

9. He shares with you.

More than the side of french fries he ordered with his burger. He shares the good stuff, his hopes, his fears, the things he doesn’t share with just anyone, the things he wants to share with you because of the person that you are and the qualities he sees in you that allow him to openly do so.

10. He is himself around you.

He’s not one person with you and another with his friends, he’s just himself, one whole human being. The eternally single girl is used to guys who are afraid to be themselves, she’s used to guys who try to be someone they’re not to obtain whatever they want from her. When she comes across authenticity she finds it irresistible. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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