This Is Why You Are Worth More Than A Man’s Attention

You are worth more than a typical coffee date, a hook up in his car, and a less romantic one-worded text passively signaling that he’d rather do something else than chat with you. You are worth more than being with a guy who only wants to have fun, who gives you mixed signals, and who only considers you a friend with a benefit. I hope you know that you are worthy of someone who would drive hours just to see you for the day. You are worthy of a man who’d take the time to buy you your favorite flowers- just to see you smile when you’re having a bad day, and with someone your family would come to love just from witnessing the way he treats you.

I hope you know that you are worthy of a man’s love. You are worthy of his commitment, his time, and his heart. You are worth the moments he would spend months planning the perfect birthday gift for you, the times he would beat himself up for accidentally saying the wrong thing, and the moments he would tell you he loves you and actually mean it.

You are worthy of a man’s flattery, appreciation, and recognition. You are worth more than a sexually driven date, a hidden agenda, and someone who simply tells you what you want to hear. You are worthy of a man’s honesty, respect, and dignity. You deserve a man’s best self; the journey that he’s been on and learned from, the moments that he’s overcome, and each time he has made a difference in this world, you deserve someone who has survived.

You are worthy of a man’s loyalty. You are worth the instances he’d purposely reject other women because he values what he has in front of him, rather than what’s around him. You are worth the moments he’d still choose to love you after an argument, the times he would still have the energy to text you the sweetest goodnight message after a long day’s work, and the moments when he would refuse to hang up the phone until he knew you were smiling again.

You are worthy of a man with big dreams. You are worth more than to be with someone who settles for the hand they’ve been dealt with, who gives up easily whenever life challenges them, and who succumbs to believing that life is meant to be lived through limits, boundaries, and distrust. You are worthy of someone who believes in the impossible. You deserve a man who has goals and aspirations, who looks forward to living a good life, and who strives to be the greatest version of himself every day.

You are worth more than a man’s false promises, empty words, and short-lived interest. You are worth the effort he’d put into memorizing your coffee order and remembering to get your mom something for her birthday. You are worthy of getting to know his true character behind his exterior demeanor. You deserve someone who allows himself to be vulnerable in front of you, who is not afraid to listen to his emotions, and who embraces every experience he’s been through, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.

I hope you know that you are worth more than the attention he gives you. You are worth the fancy restaurants, the sentimental gifts, and the two-page love letter he would annually write for every anniversary. You are worth his embrace when you’re crying and fed up with life, the teardrop he’d shed while driving back to your house- just because he hates saying goodbye to you, and his pure joy and excitement in telling each one of his friends and family about you. You deserve someone who can’t help but elaborate to complete strangers how wonderful of a person you truly are.

You deserve it all.

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