I Hope You Find Someone Who Only Sees Beauty In Your Imperfections

I hope you meet someone who loves your body through every curve and every stretch mark. I hope they come to love how you fight your demons through every tear and every time you ask to be alone. I hope you inspire them to face their fears, seek triumph through their obstacles, and to never take their eyes off the prize. I hope they fall in love with the way you stay true to yourself, how you still walk with confidence even in your darkest days, and how you refuse to let anyone get in the way of your dreams.

I hope they listen to your stories of victory and survival. I hope they become fascinated with the words derived from strength, courage, and determination. I hope they fall for everything you are and have yet to become. I hope they see strength in your weaknesses and light in your darkness. I hope you see the way they look at you when you’ve succeeded at something you thought you couldn’t, when you love your family and friends with everything in your heart, and when you’re brave enough to just be yourself.

I hope they let you break out into song, dance in the streets, and laugh so loud that other people would become curious of what the joke was. I hope they encourage you to love yourself even more, to appreciate everything that’s shaped who you are, and to embrace every battle scar with pride rather than shame. I hope they fall in love with your eyes that can still see the good in the world, your smile that’s able to brighten someone’s day, and your heart where you are at your most powerful.

I hope they love you with their soul. I hope they empower you to be better than who you were yesterday. I hope you see the value you add into their life, the happiness you bring them, and the love they can still feel from you miles away. I hope they remind you of the beauty in your existence, not from what they’ve seen on the outside, but what they’ve felt on the inside. I hope they show you the true meaning of love. I hope you’ll share a bond no one can break, a friendship you’d truly miss, and a love you’ll remember forever.

About the author

Nicole Garbanzos

Digital writer of websites and magazines