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21 Ways To Take Charge Of Your Life In 2021

It’s April and spring is here! Are you looking for a brand new start? Perhaps you sense a tug to move toward a higher level—toward the potential of what you could be.

If you were looking for a sign, this is it. It’s time to shift your focus on cultivating the life you want—the life you know you’re meant to live.

It’s time to boss up, to take charge of your life, embracing all that you’ve been through and the hope of what’s to come.

Whether it’s a personal project, a side hustle, starting a business, or just getting better with life in general, here are 21 ideas for you to boss up in 2021.

1. Embrace relentless acceptance.

No matter where you are on your journey, accept and honor yourself where you are today. You’re doing great, babe. And when you know better, you do better—one step at a time, one moment to the next.

2. Focus on what matters

If the last year has taught us anything, it is that life is fragile. It’s so important to focus your attention on things that matter to you. Focus on the good things in each new day—the things you’re grateful for, the people you love, and the things you look forward to.

3. Turn to wellness.

Wellness incorporates aspects of your mind, body, and spirit. You are a unique creation, and your wellness routine should reflect that. Maybe you feel most alive while you’re in nature or feel empowered by jumping on your Peloton bike. You get to choose what works for you. Some great apps that help you to curate your wellness routine are Calm, ThinkUp and Headspace.

4. Practice forgiveness.

Forgiveness holds gifts specifically for you. When you practice forgiveness, it pours into your wellbeing and frees you to continue living and growing without the heaviness and burden that unforgiveness bears.

5. Cherish your time.

We have an infinite amount of entertainment at our fingertips. Cherishing your time means setting boundaries and limiting the time you spend engaging in mindless scrolling or binge-watching. Your time may be better spent by watching shows that help you to accomplish your goals.

6. Speak your truth

Speaking your truth means that you can express your values, your beliefs, and your feelings without the fear of being judged by others. While this is easier said than done, speaking your truth empowers you to live more authentically.

7. Identify your peace stealers.

Have you ever noticed you’re having a good day, feeling full of sunshine and resolve, and then suddenly you notice you’ve become anxious and grumpy? Try identifying your peace stealers—those thought patterns that seek to destroy your mood. “I need to lose weight” or “I have no idea what I’m doing” are examples of this. Create a list to identify your peace stealers as they come and gently replace the thoughts as they arise. “I am more than my physical body,” “I’m a work of art,” and “I am doing my best in this moment” are examples of peace-filled thoughts.

8. Challenge your bias.

This is a hard one. Bias is defined as an unbalanced weight in favor of or against an idea or thing, usually in a closed-minded, prejudicial, or unfair way. Every one of us has bias, even if we aren’t aware of it.

Bias is based on a variety of factors, including your own experiences, and it shapes the way you see the world and other people. One way to begin reflecting on your personal bias is by asking yourself some critical questions about your experiences, interpretations, and assumptions.

9. Focus on relationships.

Relationships are vital. Choose carefully. As you evolve, your relationships may also. Positive relationships are those that value and honor you, hold you accountable, and pour into your successes. Focus on these qualities and be the kind of person that does this for others as well.

10. Seek out a need and meet it.

Actively look for how you can meet a need for someone around you. It could be calling someone to check in or sending a small surprise package in the mail that you know would brighten someone’s day. Seeking out a need and meeting it is a small way to spread love, and it can build connections with those around you.

11. Get into some books.

Reading books has never been more convenient, and listening to a book can be a practical way to learn something new quickly. Apps such as Audible or Blinkist allow you to listen to content anywhere. Books are a valuable resource for self-help for any area of your life, personal or professional, and you can always find the perfect selection to help you on your way.

12. Get clear on your message.

What is it within you that you would love to share with the world? Start by identifying what lights you up and makes you feel alive. Getting clear about your message means getting clear on your purpose. What do you have to say?

13. Get in touch with your brand presence.

A personal brand isn’t just for entrepreneurs. Your brand is how you show up every day—what you post on social media and how you treat people. Your brand should reflect your core values, how you want to be perceived, and what you want to put out into the world. Make any adjustments as necessary to align to these three things.

14. Polish your communication skills.

You may not want to become a professional speaker, however, public speaking is an invaluable tool to add to your repertoire. Enroll in a speaking course or join a Toastmaster’s club. Challenging yourself in this area will improve all aspects of success in your life.

15. Get honest with your finances.

Your financial wellness pours into many other areas of your life. Whether it’s addressing your credit card debt, making a retirement plan, or saving for a big purchase, take a step, even if it’s a baby step in the right direction.

16. Establish your creative space.

Being intentional about where you work and create can help inspire your productivity. Even if you have minimal space to work with, you can use artwork, visuals, or favorite items to establish your creative space.

17. Redefine your goals.

Goals look different for everyone. Some of us prefer an extensive bulleted list, while others prefer big-picture visionary goals. Both can be beneficial. The most important thing is to know what you want to accomplish, and then being open to how those goals are met.

18. Honor your follow-through.

A lack of follow-through can have all sorts of effects, including feelings of inadequacy and feelings of regret. Honoring your follow-through means honoring your word. Before you say yes to anything, make sure that it aligns with your values and your purpose. Once that has been established, it becomes easier to honor your follow-through and ultimately boosts your morale.

19. Turn a hobby into a side hustle.

They say you need to find three hobbies you love: one to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative. Maybe you have found one of these, maybe all three. Side hustles provide a low-stakes way to turn a hobby into an alternate method of cash flow. Start a subscription box or sell your homemade items on a website like Etsy.

20. Create systems.

In Atomic Habits by James Clear, he explains how systems are at the core of developing good habits. It’s not merely about adopting new habits, but the systems you put into place to support those habits. If your goal is to get in shape, you need to build a system that supports your efforts. Your environment, your mindset, and a plan to bounce back should all be a part of that system.

21. Find faith.

Finding faith involves having the courage to step out into the unknown. When you have hope of the future, your potential has an opportunity to thrive. You have this one precious life. How will you use it?

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