6 Magical Signs Your Girlfriend Is A Natural Born Witch

Rumor on the street is that her apples are delicious
The jury said she’s charming, but her exes say she’s wicked
I swear to God, I saw her howling at the sky
She ain’t out to get you, but she’s better on your side

And she don’t wanna be anybody else
She’s a woman in total control of herself
It’s such a wonder to be under her spell
What a woman, in total control of herself.”
– W.I.T.C.H by Devon Cole

Everything always seems to go her way, no matter what gets thrown her way, and anyone who messes with her suddenly experiences misfortune.

Let’s face it, your girlfriend is a chosen one, protected by forces unseen, demons and angels alike. This is just the protection of being a natural born witch. Her friend betrayed her?  Suddenly that same friend has mysteriously “disappeared,” never to be seen again (in this case, it may be time to call the cops, though). Someone cut her off in line? That same person suddenly gets a drink spilled on them and experiences a domino effect of a series of strange, unfortunate series events throughout the day. Naysayers and gossips that try to disturb her peace are abruptly silenced. And if you mess with her? Oh my. Don’t let yourself find out. The boyfriends of witches are often their greatest fans for a reason.

You’re not just in love – you’re absolutely enamored and obsessed.

Before her, you could probably keep your wits about you when falling in love and maintain some sense and sensibility. After her? You don’t recognize the man that you are. You feel pulled to worship the ground she walks on every day. Your whole life revolves around making her happy. You may catch her putting mysterious and “special” ingredients in your morning coffee. You wake up from vivid dreams of her, with her scent lingering around you even though she’s not there. Wait, was that a shadow by your bed? Shh, go back to sleep. But in all seriousness, your love for her feels akin to a mesmerizing spell, even though it’s just your natural feelings toward her – just magnified.

She’s a natural born alchemist, channeling her obstacles into gold and opportunities. What she speaks into existence always seems to happen, like magic.

Nothing phases her and it seems everything goes well for her, even when it appears that it won’t. She always gets what she wants and is a master manifester, creating abundance in impossible circumstances. She seems to move and transform everything in any environment as soon as she steps into it. Suddenly the sunny weather changes into thunderstorms, the tides of the ocean seem drawn to her, the agitated people around her become kind and self-effacing, and birds, dogs, and butterflies are drawn to her like a straight-up Disney princess. She makes her success look effortless, and any obstacle in her path, she uses to her benefit. If she says she’s going to get something, she does. No ifs, ands, or buts. She usually doesn’t need to argue her way into convincing people, either. She just sits back and attracts her dream life to her – almost like magic.

Everyone seems to bow down to her, including you. She has the power of persuasion.

She is just as graceful in winning you over with her charm as she is with her life circumstances. She crinkles her nose cutely and suddenly suitors are by her side, flocking to her in admiration and awe. She has that Marilyn Monroe effect that she can tap into whenever she wants and along with her natural beauty and brilliance, it leaves people stunned. She can tap into her natural charisma, strengths, and talents to get whatever she wants at any point. She can even turn her biggest haters to obsessed fans. Wake up! That girl’s a witch, and an awful good one too.

You get nervous around her.

No matter how much she reassures you or is kind, you can’t help but be nervous around her. Her presence is magnetic and inspires both awe and fear. Her sexuality goes beyond just sexuality – it is ethereal, powerful, exemplifying a woman in total control of herself and her pleasure. She’s a Goddess. You sense there is something otherworldly and supernatural, dominant, and larger-than-life whenever you’re around her. You stumble over your words, forget your goals, and become laser-focused on just her.

Her confidence goes beyond this realm.

Her beauty and brains make her the ultimate catch for you, yet her confidence seems to go beyond just her assets. She has a grounded sense of self-reverence and dark feminine energy emanating from her that makes you believe in the impossible. That is because she embodies the impossible in every form and has a deep faith in herself. She is endlessly multifaceted and full of surprises. If you’re invited to her rich inner world, count yourself lucky. Once you fall in love with a natural born witch, you never go back.

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