How Each Myers-Briggs Type Ruins Their Own Life Without Even Trying To


You have a hard time committing- when it comes to possibilities, you see them and even thrive living in a realm with never ending choices and opportunities. You ruin your life without meaning to by constantly entertaining all your options and choices without picking one and sticking to it. Although possibilities are wonderful, if you refuse to choose something and stick with it, you’ll miss out on so much more than you realize and keep chasing the wind, which ultimately will leave you empty.


You are full of incredible ideas and are at your best when you are able to think and analyze about them, as well as thinking about how to put them into action. Yet you ruin your life without meaning to by never actually applying action to your ideas, and as a result none of your them ever actually happen in real life. Eventually you will reach a point of realizing you haven’t achieved as much as you thought you would, and it will eat away at you- especially knowing that you could have done something about it.


You spend a lot of time within your mind trying to figure out the best solution or situation. Although not settling is a good thing, you ruin your life without meaning to by striving so hard for the picture you have in your mind that you don’t give anything else a chance. Sometimes what is “perfect” doesn’t actually exist, or may not be the best for you anyway- and you don’t want to spend all your time thinking about the perfect situation while amazing things pass you by in the process.


You are an incredible soul who loves to keep harmony and peace amongst everyone you know, and while it is admirable to care so much for those who mean most to you it does have its downsides. You ruin your life without meaning to by spending so much time trying to keep the peace and help those you love that you tend to forget about yourself, or completely ignore your own principles and morals in an attempt to not cause a problem. In the end, you will spend too much time trying to make everyone happy (spoiler alert, you can’t make everyone happy) that you will completely ignore what you want or what you need to do for yourself, and it will destroy you.


Honestly, you are kind of like our mom, and we adore you for it. You have the adeptness to perceive what others are feeling, and have a keen focus on how to help. Your desire to help, along with your ability to truly be in tune with those around you, is outstanding, yet sometimes you get too caught up. You ruin your life without meaning to by always staying involved in the problems in your loved ones lives and not taking a step back to check in on yourself. It can be easy to ignore our own issues if we are distracting ourselves with everyone else’s. In the end you’re going to exhaust yourself (and possibly those around you) and not take care of yourself, which can be dangerous.


Your need to be liked. Let’s face it, you have a really engaging personality that allows you to be charming and capable of so much. However, you tend to need an excessive amount of approval from other people. You highly value other’s opinions of you, which isn’t exactly a bad thing. Yet you ruin your life without realizing you are by constantly seeking validation from others at any cost. While it’s always nice to have a self-confidence boost and support from others, depending on this will only kill your self-esteem and hinder you from doing the things you are capable of. Not everyone is going to like you, and that’s perfectly okay.


You have a hard time trusting. You are a mastermind and quite analytical, which is admirable in how your mind works. Yet you tend to not open up very often which makes it very difficult to establish trust. You ruin your life without meaning to by rarely ever taking a chance and trusting those around you- and while it may appear that you don’t need anyone, even you know that achieving your ideas and your dreams does to some extent involve other people, and if you refuse to trust anyone, your ideas won’t come to fruition- something that will leave you feeling unfulfilled and purposeless.


You like to play by the rules- in the most literal sense there is. If there is a well-established way to go about something, you are all for it. Yet you ruin your life without even realizing that you are by resisting any kind of change in your life. While there isn’t anything wrong with wanting to take a well established method and use it, sometimes change can bring about some pretty positive and even better things. If you choose to never try anything different, you could miss out on some great opportunities that could lead you to an even better method of engaging the world around you, rather than being left in the dust simply because you refused to give something different a shot.


You have a hard time empathizing. You are very efficient and logical minded, which has you consistently searching for the most rational and and direct way to do things. While your logical and structure is extremely important, you tend to have an issue with seeing things from others points of view. You ruin your life without meaning to by not empathizing with others and their perspectives- causing you to become frustrated by behaviors that you deem “illogical” simply because they don’t line up with what you would do. When it comes to the world, perspective is important, and alienating everyone you come in contact with because they don’t think like you is a quick way to leave you alone.


You don’t know how to handle a world/situation where everyone isn’t getting along- and you bend over backwards trying to make sure everyone does indeed get along. You love to make sure everyone is happy- so much so that you’re willing to go as far as take on other’s issues just to lend a hand. But you ruin your life without even realizing you are by doing just that- trying to make everyone around you get along in perfect harmony while sacrificing yourself- and this does no good. You can’t make everyone agree, no matter what you do- it’s just not possible. And by sacrificing your own needs, you’re only damaging and deterring yourself from your goals and dreams- and it will end up destroying you when you feel you’ve accomplished nothing and your environment still isn’t at peace.


You have a strong aversion to conflict and structure- so much that you tend to run or shut down the moment either of them show up. You ruin your life without even realizing that you are by believing that the best way to handle conflict is to completely avoid it- and that the best way to deal with structure is to not allow it in your life. While it’s true that your sensitive nature is definitely an asset and should be valued, you also cannot allow this part to cause you to avoid all signs of conflict- it’s a part of life that will be necessary as you try to follow your dreams and aspirations- and to run away as soon as you’re faced with a conflict will prevent you from attaining the things you want to do and the relationships you want to be in.


You want to be the best at everything- and it shows big time. You focus non-stop on holding all the power in whatever it is you strive to do- and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get there. While your ambition and determination is definitely something to be admired, you ruin your life without even realizing you are by focusing solely on being the best and staying on top- even if it means stepping on people and dominating them in the process. While you may end up being the “winner” and the one on top, you’ll find yourself to be very lonely up there- and could damage your relationships and potential allies who could have helped you in the future. What comes up must come down, and while you may end up at the top, you will alienate the people around you when you inevitably come back down again.


You love to live a fast paced life- no once can deny that. You ruin your life without even realizing you are by never slowing down and thinking through your decisions. Sometimes life requires a quick decision- overthinking can make you stagnant. Yet when you never stop and think through your choices, you’ll end up wandering and may end up in a situation you didn’t want to be in- and could’ve easily avoided if you had just taken a moment to think it through. One day you just might jump head first into a choice that you can’t back out of.


You adore thinking ahead into the future, and all the possibilities that could come from it. You ruin your life without even realizing that you are by constantly chasing the next “best” thing- whether that be a relationship, career, friendship- and it keeps you in a place of non-satisfaction. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look ahead and see how you can improve upon your life, but in the process you can completely disregard the good things in front of you right now. This will leave you constantly leave you chasing the new- and seemingly better- idea in front of you rather than cherishing and choosing the good things you have now-and in the end you may realize that you had the best things already and chose to cast them aside.


You are wonderful at idealizing the people in your life- and while your creative and whimsical mind is one of the best things about you, it can also be your pitfall. You ruin your life without even realizing you are by raising the standards of those in your life to almost impossible levels, and become disappointed when they can’t meet them. While you shouldn’t be expected to settle, there does have to be some room for human error and different viewpoints too. As much as you aspire to have deep and intense connections with the people in your life, you can easily cut off some potentially incredible ones simply because they don’t fit into your perfect ideal- and in the end you may realize that no one in this world could ever match up anyway, leaving you lonely and unconnected.


You know you have some awesome ideas working inside your brain, and you are fantastic at thinking them through at a very thorough rate. Your ability to pick the most precise path is almost envy-inducing, and yet all too often you find your ideas don’t end up in the real world. You ruin your life without even realizing you are by allowing yourself to take the more passive approach- one where you continuously keep your ideas inside your head and analyze them rather than actually put some work behind them. You know that you can find the most straight-forward way to go about things, but by keeping these ideas inside your head, you allow your life to pass you by, and in the end your ideas and potential aspirations are simply that- potential. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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