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Here’s What Each Myers-Briggs Type Needs On A Bad Day

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There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for a bad day. Everyone needs something a little different to pick themselves back up when their mood drops, but luckily, there’s often a one-size-fits-most solution when it comes to the sixteen Myers-Briggs personality types. If you’re lost on how to help out a loved one with a cloud hanging over their head, here’s exactly what they may need, based on their Myers-Briggs personality type:
Mike Babiarz
Mike Babiarz

ENFP: To brainstorm fun possibilities and/or plan an adventure.

ENTJ: To form a concrete, detailed plan for improving the situation that has gotten them down.

ESFP: Lots of human interaction and praise.

ISTP: To be presented with a few fun options to take if he/she wants them, then to be left alone.

ISTJ: Alternate solutions to the problem they’re facing and the knowledge that they can rely on you if they need help.

ESFJ: To be told they’re appreciated by the people they’re closest to. And/or to be pampered a little!

INTP: A new project to distract them from self-destructive thoughts.

ESTJ: For someone to ask them what they can do to help. They probably know the answer.

ENFJ: A huge hug and a sincere reminder of why you love them and all that you’ve learned from them.

ISFJ: To have little favours done for them, as a reminder that they are allowed to relax.

ENTP: A stimulating conversation that helps them generate new theories or ideas.

ISFP: Patience with their mood (they need to work themselves through it) and perhaps a fun physical distraction.

ESTP: To do something rambunctious and physical with friends that will re-energize them to power through whatever situation is troubling them.

INTJ: A good book and the day to themselves to re-charge.

INFJ: A good long laugh with a friend they can be silly with and possibly some time outdoors/in nature.

INFP: To be listened to with patience and to have their feelings validated. TC mark

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