Why You Should Date Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type


ISTJ: They are loyal to the core and the ultimate providers.

ESFP: Their warmth and spontaneity will make each day you spend with them more exciting than the last.

INTP: Their thoughts and emotions run deep – you will never have a shallow or uninteresting conversation again.

ENFP: Their positive energy will light up your life.

ENFJ: They will listen to your deepest, darkest secrets and love you even more for them.

INTJ: Their fascinating minds will make you reconsider the way that you think about everything.

INFP: They will love and understand you even better than you love and understand yourself.

ESTJ: They are tremendously committed to their relationships and fiercely protective of their loved ones.

ESTP: Their spontaneity and enthusiasm will sweep you off your feet – and their straightforward attitude is endlessly refreshing.

ISFJ: They will support you without any reservation, both practically and emotionally; from the day they meet you until the day they die.

ENTJ: They will find a concrete way to help you achieve literally everything you’ve ever wanted in life.

ISTP: Their straightforward, live-for-the-moment attitude is both refreshing and compelling.

ISFP: Their soulful, artistic personality will give you a new appreciation of the world that surrounds you.

INFJ: They will take the time to deeply understand you and will empathize with you on every level.

ESFJ: They will make sure your every need is met from the moment you meet until the day you die.

ENTP: They are a goldmine of weird, creative ideas and you will never be bored again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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