17 Signs You’re The Friend Nobody Likes

Like all normal people, I can’t stand Dane Cook, but he’s said approximately one thing I think is absolutely true. In every group of friends, there’s the “Karen” of the group, aka. the friend no one likes. If you can’t figure out who the Karen is in your friend circle, that means you are the Karen.

Unsure if that person is you? Here are 17 signs that you’re the Karen. But real talk: we are all the Karen.

1. Your friends always conveniently forget to invite you to things or seem to be hanging out when you’re not around.

2. The people around you always seem to have in-jokes that you are not privy to, so you don’t know what they’re talking about.

3. Whenever you want to hang out with your friends, they always tell you how busy they are — but not so busy that they can’t hang out with other people.

4. You have to find out important news on Facebook, even though it seems like everyone else already knows what’s going on.

5. When everyone else is smiling in Instagram photos together, you’re the one who isn’t in the picture — because you’re holding the camera or sitting at home scrolling through the photos.


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    well. I’m just another Karen.

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    After inviting 5 friends over last Saturday for a sleepover on this Friday night, EVERYONE MYSTERIOUSLY ALREADY HAS PLANS . This is why I am finding new friends. I feel like they are just politely listening to me. They forget about me all the time, and don’t care. I hope I don’t have classes with them next year- I want NEW friends who actually want to hang out with me, and invite me to things!! I haven’t gone to someone else’s house since February !!!

    This article explains it. I am fed up!!!!! I am this friend apparently, and now, they are going to loose a friend soon!

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