The Love Will Never Be Gone, But It’s Time To Move On

The Love Will Never Be Gone, But It’s Time To Move On

Sometimes, we are in relationships that aren’t meant to last.

There are moments it might feel like it’s forever. There are moments that convince you that you have to fight for the relationship until you can no longer breathe. However, that’s never the case. Sometimes you have to pick yourself. And that’s perfectly okay.

These relationships are meant to teach and develop us into the people we are truly destined to be. They make us grow. But they’re not meant to last forever. When they break, you can try to fix them. However, sometimes they don’t break, they shatter. And when something shatters, it will never be the same. You can try to piece it back together, but what you once had is gone forever.

It will hurt. It will hurt a lot. However, it will be the best thing that has ever happened to you. It will show you what you truly want, who you want to be and where you want to end up.

No matter how devastating it might feel, they are the relationships that will teach you about life. Pain can be excruciating after a breakup, but you need to remember one thing—it’s never for nothing. It was meant to end up like that. Because sometimes you simply need to pick yourself instead of fighting for something that has long been gone.

If you’re struggling with that, just remember that the love will never be gone. It doesn’t go away. Oftentimes, people simply grow up. There’s no malice, no hurt feelings. It’s simply two people who had something magical, but now need to part their ways.

You can’t grow if you won’t move. Every path we take in life takes us somewhere else. We need to accept that. We will learn an amazing amount of things, and sometimes, the person that we thought was our “forever” can no longer accompany us.

And that’s okay.

It’s meant to be this way. Because you grew together. You learned together. And most importantly, you loved each other. And that’s a feeling that will keep you alive and yearning to feel it again.

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