Skinny Is The New Fat

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I am so sick of reading about how media portrays women or should portray women, or what is healthy or unhealthy and listening to one side bash women who are large and having the other side bash women who are skinny.

I’ve been stick skinny my entire life, I’m 5’10 and 115 lbs. And yet, ask anyone who knows me — I eat more than my necessary amount of calories per day.

Stop telling me what is unhealthy and what is healthy. I may not be of normal “average” size, but that does not automatically mean I starve myself. It’s forced me over the years to feel the need to prove that I actually eat, to stuff myself until I feel so disgustingly full that I want to throw up — yeah, that’s a real healthy image, right? Luckily, I love the way I look. I’ve come to accept that what I’ve been given is what I will have, and that above all, confidence is key.

What I’m most fed up with are the stereotypes that are attached to each physical appearance.

Skinny is the new fat. It’s seen in society as disgusting because we have gotten into these war with the fashion industry. We have made ourselves believe that it’s not okay to look like what those models look like because they MUST have starved themselves or had unhealthy eating habits in order to get to that point. It’s the same way we used to assume that fat people got that way from overeating. We attached these assumptions, and make people feel ashamed of how they look and of their eating habits when in reality, it’s non of anyone’s business.

As to the fashion industry, I’m sorry, but you’re going to have to accept that some people are better fitted for it than others.

Everyone’s body type has certain advantages to it. We don’t expect the skinniest of women to be the best weightlifters or the strongest people in the world. The point of the fashion industry is to sell clothes. Scientifically proven, women with a certain hip-to-waist ratio are seen as more attractive by nature because it signals fertility. So yes, women with certain figures are more suited to be models. And as for bashing them because they don’t look normal, as long as they’re healthy and happy, why do you feel the need to put someone down for that? I’m sorry, but talking down on someone will never improve the way you feel about yourself — only focusing on yourself can fix that.

Stop giving attention to pure physical images, stop making assumptions about people’s personal lives. When that happens, perhaps we can all start feeling better about ourselves again without having to worry about what others think. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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