12 Simple Ways To Guarantee You’re The Woman He’s Fantasizing About

Twenty20, ajweberphoto
Twenty20, ajweberphoto

1. Give him material to masturbate to.

If you want to be the one he’s thinking about while he jerks off or entertains random sexual thoughts, provide him with some fresh material starring you. This is easy to do nowadays, and the potential payoff is great. Just sext him regularly (you can always crop your head out if you’re paranoid), or send a few detailed sensual voice notes.

2. Flash him when he least expects it.

Few things are better received than an unanticipated glimpse of a woman’s breasts. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been dating, or how many times he’s already seen you naked. If you time the boob flash carefully, it’ll definitely get him going in the moment, and he’s bound to recreate the experience by imagining it over and over again later. If you flash him in a somewhat daring setting—in the backseat of a taxi, for instance, or near the coat check on your way out of a fancy party—the tactic is yet more effective.

3. Challenge him to do naughty things when you’re apart.

Dare him to masturbate in the bathroom at work or to touch himself under the table during an important meeting. If you’re the one generating the naughty ideas, he’s destined to think about you while he’s carrying them out, and to associate you with racy, mischievous behavior in general.

4. Reward him with sexual favors.

Nothing says congratulations like a blowjob first thing in the morning, or an impromptu sex session that’s all about him. The benefit of establishing a sex based reward system is that your partner will start to associate his biggest accomplishments and happiest moments with two things: hot sex, and you.

5. Bend over while he (and his friends) are watching.

It’s one of the easiest tricks in the Keep Him Sweating For You handbook. We covet what we see, and we covet what we see that our friends want even more. So let him and his buddies catch you bending over to pick something up when you’re out next. You don’t even have to be wearing an especially low cut shirt or a short skirt. If you execute the move correctly, you’ll get everyone’s attention in any outfit. Without a doubt, he’ll be thinking about fucking you doggy style, with the added satisfaction that his friends can’t.

6. Strip for him.

Undressing is way more fun if you turn the otherwise dreary nighttime routine into a striptease performance. Even if you start off joking, the act is almost always appreciated. As an added bonus, the next time he thinks about visiting a strip club, the image of you shaking your tits in his face after twirling your bra and tossing it aside will surface in his mind. If followed by a lap dance, the striptease is bound to be yet more memorable. You don’t have to be a great dancer to put on a little show.

7. Talk dirty to him during sex.

There’s really no reason NOT to talk dirty to a man while you’re sleeping with him. For one, it’ll turn him on. Plus, it’ll make YOU feel hot. And it’s not even that hard. The formula is simple: say what you’re going to do, do it, and then say what you did. Simple affirmations like “Yeah, baby!” and “Just like that,” work well too.

8. Talk dirty to him outside the bedroom, too.

You don’t have to be naked to be naughty. Transform a regular moment into a titillating interaction he’ll be thinking about hours later by surprising him with a random sexy comment. While you’re walking down the street hand-in-hand, tell him how hot the sex was last night, or mention that you want it a certain way next time.

9. Let him know when you’re feeling aroused—even if he’s not around.

Remind him that you’re a living, breathing, sexual being even when you’re on the move and unable to act on your desires. A simple message reading “So horny…wish you were here,” can go a long way. He’ll love knowing that you’re out there feeling turned on as you cross the street or prep for an important exam or presentation. Plus, he’ll feel closer to you knowing that you’re having sexy thoughts midday too.

10. Let him know you’re thinking about him specifically (even if you aren’t).

When you touch base with a man just to say you’re feeling hot and bothered, you trigger dirty thoughts centered on you. It’s a surefire way to ensure that you’re part of a man’s sexual narrative at least once a day. You don’t even have to be having sexy thoughts at the time, let alone sexy thoughts about the man you’re contacting. A not-so-innocent fib never hurt anyone.

11. Better yet, tell him you’re touching yourself while thinking about him.

Female masturbation may be taboo by societal standards, but rare is the man who minds the image of a woman touching herself, especially if that woman is thinking about him while doing so. If you want to dominate a man’s dirty mind, you might as well encourage him to picture you masturbating. You can do this any time of day with a simple, carefully phrased text or email.

12. Cast yourself as the star in his favorite porn.

Watching pornography as a couple can be fun as well as helpful since it gives you insight into what your significant other likes in bed. But why let those busty hairless chicks dominate the spotlight? Once you completely trust a man, you might as well film a few sexy videos he can enjoy when you’re together or apart. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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