20 Ways To Know You’re A Grown-Ass Woman


1. You have a go-to outfit for most occasions. You know your interview outfit, girl’s night out outfit, wedding-when-you-have-no-date outfit — and it always looks great! You know what you like and what you’re comfortable in.

2. You can effortlessly shave your knees, without any fear of bleeding to death. Period.

3. You understand the importance of health. You embrace salads with open arms. You might even juice on the reg. Whatever your routine is, you know that a healthy lifestyle is important for more reasons than just being thin.

4. You know the difference between a man and a boy. That a boy will only “respect” you when he wants something, while a man will respect you always.

5. You have hobbies outside of drinking. Going out for drinks with your friends is fun, but you also like to read, cook, or maybe even follow impossible DIY projects on Pinterest. It’s not a big deal if you decide to use up one of your Friday nights participating in a sober hobby.

6. But you can also whip up some kick-ass cocktails. Having some knowledge in crafting a good cocktail is never a bad thing. It’s a great skill to whip out when you have guests over. Brownie points if actually own a stocked bar cart.

7. You’re not afraid to go places by yourself. Grab a seat at the coffee shop and sit there for hours reading a book. Take yourself out to that restaurant down the block you’ve always wanted to try. Go see the new Johnny Depp movie on your own, since your friends just do not appreciate his gorgeousness. You’ll be spending a lot of time with yourself for the rest of your life, so it’s best you start to get comfortable with your own company.

8. You have knowledge in politics/are aware of current events. You might not be a politics buff, or watch the news everyday, but you’re aware of what’s going on in the world you live in — and not just because it was #trending on Twitter.

9. You make your bed everyday. Granted, this is something you should have been doing before you became a #GrownAssWoman. Sometimes you oversleep, sometimes you wake up with massive hangovers, but if you at least make the effort, you’ll be surprised at the sense of accomplishment you can feel from such a small task.

10. Getting together with friends starts to get hard. You’re all #GrownAssWoman and you all have your shit together. Hangouts turn into seeing each other for 10 minutes at Starbucks in between meetings.

11. 401k. You know what a 401k is, and maybe you have one. (Even though they still scare the shit out of you.)

12. You’re happy for other people’s happiness. Carly just got a promotion and Kristen just got engaged. Great things are happening for your friends and you are genuinely happy, not jealous.

13. You appreciate the art of The Nap. You practice it often. You’re a grown ass woman, and thats a tiring, full-time job.

14. You have to keep something alive (and you do!) Maybe it’s a cat, maybe it’s a dog, maybe you have a plant, heck — maybe it’s just yourself.

15. You know when you’ve had enough. You know when your liver feels like it’s about to pack up and leave your body, and thus it is time to go home.

16. Drama is for the theater. Drama isn’t always something that’s in your control, but you definitely don’t go looking for it. You know when a situation is about to escalate and you gracefully exit instead of re-creating the “Cady, would you please tell Aaron his hair looks sexy pushed back” scene from Mean Girls.

17. Speaking of, you can have conversations in Mean Girls quotes. That movie was every definition of #Life when you were in high school and oddly enough helped shape who you are today. #SoWhatIfSheMadeOutWithAHotDog

18. Sometimes you want to give up. Being a Grown Ass Woman can take its toll on a sista. Responsibility, maturity, and all of the other ity’s that stress us out. No matter how hard it gets, you always push through and make it out alive on the other side. Even if you pull a handful of hair out of your head in the process.

19. You don’t judge. You friend needs you to pick up an emergency pregnancy test for her after having an accident with some guy. You know someone who likes to watch the Teletubbies to unwind. You once dated a guy who got his kicks from tickling your ears. It’s their thing, and you know you’re nobody to judge.

20. You love yourself. Most importantly, and above all, you are 100% in love with yourself. You know you’re a strong, beautiful, passionate woman who can take life by its balls and do whatever you want with it. You’re comfortable in your own skin and know that this is YOU, and whoever doesn’t accept that can suck it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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