This Is The Kind Of Date You Deserve

This Is The Kind Of Date You Deserve

You deserve a date that makes your heart skip a beat.

Maybe it’s the way they look. Perhaps it’s the way they look at you. Maybe it’s got nothing to do with looks – but the way that they listen to you and talk to you and carry themselves within this world makes your heart skip a beat. You think that you must get to know whatever makes this person tick like that. And just the thought of getting to know them makes your heart happy.

You deserve a date that makes your heart happy.

You deserve a date filled with so much laughter that it might as well be another course in your meal. You both laugh until your bellies hurt, and your face feels as though it’s going to break in two because you’re smiling so wide. Patrons in the restaurant stop to look at you both, and they too smile – because your happiness and your laughter are infectious.

They’re beautiful, too. 

The laughter you share makes your heart soar with happiness. The sounds of the giggles, belly laughs, and deep chuckles that come from within your souls feel like your favorite song. You didn’t think there was a person who could understand you, who would appreciate your silly jokes and your quirky sense of humor – and yet, here they are, sitting across the table from you. The knowledge of this makes your heart feel full. The laughter makes you feel at ease.

You deserve a date that makes you feel at ease.

Your date does not encroach on your personal space. Your date leaves a perfect amount of a physical barrier. Your date moves their body with a gentleness that is apparent in every movement they make. Your date asks you questions with sincerity – and they look in your eyes as you speak. And if and when the beauty of your budding romance fills the air, when the chemistry between you both feels as though it could spark a thousand lights across the globe, they ask you if it’s ok if they kiss you.

You deserve a date that is just a date. 

Your date is an outing, a dinner, a movie, a walk in the park. Your date is the promise of a conversation, not time in your bedroom. Your date is an opportunity to get to know this other human, to figure out what makes them laugh so hard that their eyes crinkle, how they take their coffee, and how they take their eggs. A date is a few hours to share a bit of your story, and to hear a bit of someone else’s, too. Your date is not a marriage proposal; it’s not an invitation to the promise of forever, or tomorrow morning, or anything other than just a lengthy conversation. Maybe you’ll want to build from that conversation – perhaps you’ll want more laughter, and more silly jokes, and more kisses. Or maybe you’ll go home and think that it was nice to meet another human, but that date didn’t spark an interest to know any more – and it’s not because they were horrible, or terrible, or awful – it’s because sometimes a date is just a date.

And that’s ok, too.

Because you deserve a date that makes you want to keep on dating

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