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I Can’t Thank God Enough For You

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Taylor Hernandez

Sometimes I look at you and pinch myself. The smile that flits across your face, the laughter that’s so damn genuine spilling from your mouth, the way your hand fits so effortlessly with mine, the way we’ve simply become one another’s—without trying, without question—it’s so beautiful. Love is so beautiful.

I spent so many months searching, so many years, even, thinking that I was somehow behind the rest of the world. That there was something wrong with me because I hadn’t found the one. That I was somehow lacking, somehow inefficient, incapable of finding love.

And then, there you were. An answer to a prayer I had spoken silently so long ago. A man who was nothing like I’d imagined, and yet everything I could ever want. A man whose love and kindness and strength and joy filled me every time his words and kisses left his lips.

A man I could finally give my heart to, without fear.

I had been looking for you. Looking, and yet not looking at all. I was hopeful. I trusted. But I busied myself with other things, filled my schedule, ran around trying to distract myself. I knew God would bring me the right person when the timing was perfect. Even if that timing was longer than I wanted.

I knew God would wait until I was less focused on myself and my desires, and more on my purpose. I knew I had to be patient, had to trust He would bring you to me, me to you, us together.

And He did.

God answered my prayers with you. He brought me someone far greater than I could ever imagine, someone who challenges me, grows alongside me, and chooses me, every single day.

And I honestly can’t thank Him enough for you. For the way He brought me you when I least expected. For the way He taught me to trust, to listen, to love openly and not worry so much about where I measured up, or the label of my relationship status. For the way I have learned that everything does fall according to His plan, and when I let go and let Him, I really do find peace.

I can’t thank God enough for the way He’s blessed me. With the way He’s brought me you—with your gentleness and toughness, with your passion and care, with your maturity and loyalty and the way I’ve never had to doubt whether this, whether us was right.

I don’t know where our story will take us. I don’t know if we will fall closer, or apart. I don’t know if we’ll always feel this wonderful, or if our life together will be easy. And honestly, when I think about it, I know it won’t. But that’s okay.

Because I know God has brought me you for a reason. And I know our love, and my faith in Him will pull us through.

Every morning when I wake, every night when I fall asleep I can’t help but pray—for us, for you, for all that we will grow into as the days pass.

God has given me the biggest blessing, in a way I never saw coming. We bumped into each other in what felt like an accident, but I know He had a plan all along. And I can’t thank Him enough for your tender hands, trustworthy eyes, arms and body and soul that lifts me and makes me feel alive.

I can’t thank God enough for all the ways He has healed my broken heart and made me into a woman deserving of you, and you, a man equally deserving of my love.

I can’t thank Him enough for who we are, and will become. And I can’t wait to honor Him in loving you as fiercely as I can. TC mark

Marisa Donnelly

Marisa is a writer, poet, & producer. She is the author of Somewhere On A Highway, a poetry collection on self-discovery, growth, love, loss and the challenges of becoming.

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