21 Signs You’re A Definite ‘Fixer’


1. You’re basically the mom of your friend group. AKA the go-to for any crisis, big or small.

2. You often find yourself suuuuper stressed. (Mostly over problems that have nothing to do with you.)

3. You tend to date people with a lot of baggage…or extremely sketchy pasts.

4. You are a love-guru for a least three of your closest friends. Despite your own semi-tragic relationships.

5. You have scheduled check-in phone calls with your best friends. And these occur at least once a week.

6. You will drop everything you’re doing if someone sends you a ‘Hey, can you talk?’ or an ‘I need your help’ text. Because that sh*it is serious.

7. You’re a helpless romantic. Dammit, Disney.

8. Your purse is loaded with every necessity imaginable. Chap stick? Portable charger? Wrinkle release? Gum? Snacks? Yeah, literally everything.

9. You’re pretty much the go-to DD. (Hashtag Responsible AF.)

10. You are a planner. Okay, more like over-planner.

11. You’re the queen of motivational sticky notes.

12. You often find yourself in the middle of heated arguments, trying (and often failing) at playing the mediator.

13. You have this strange (and dangerous) belief that you can stop fist fights from happening. (You can’t.)

14. You have a lot of feelings.

15. You find yourself attracted to the ‘bad boy’ image. (Blame Danny Zuko.)

16. You write yourself reminder notes to check in with people.

17. You think you have the power to cure things. Like addiction or disease or irrational fears. (PSA: You can’t.)

18. You gravitate towards people you want to help.

19. You fully acknowledge your imperfections and are always trying to measure up to this weird, totally unrealistic ideal you have in your head of who you should be. *Sigh*

20. You take it upon yourself to make things right, better, or back to normal. To the point of mental exhaustion…AKA batsh*t craziness.

21. You have a hard time admitting you’re a fixer. (You totally are.) But you’re also slightly, maybe, coming to terms with it? Idk, it’s something you’re trying to fix. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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