8 Valuable Life Lessons You Learn From Playing Softball


Sh*t doesn’t come easy. If it was easy, they’d call it baseball. (Just kidding.) But softball really sucks sometimes. There’s 259 things you have to be thinking about and anticipating all at once. And you have to be good at several aspects—batting, running, fielding, catching, etc—not just awesome at one thing and decent at the rest. With softball, you have to work every single day to get better. And it doesn’t come easy. It’s a great lesson for life—you have to kick your own butt to get what you want; nothing is going to be handed to you.

Family will always come first. Your family members were your first fans, the first people to drive you to practices, and the first people to hug you after a loss. They have seen your highs and your lows and loved you through them all. They have come to a good chunk of your games, packed you countless mid-tournament snacks, and have yelled at the umps on your behalf. (Maybe even too much.) Softball has taught you to value your family, to love them, and to appreciate their constant support in your life.

Family goes beyond blood. You’ve met some incredible people along your softball career. From coaches who have become second dads to teammates that feel more like sisters, the game has taught you that family goes beyond your blood relatives. You have been blessed with amazing friends and influences that stretch beyond the game and into your everyday life.

You’re not going to get better if you just stand there. A lesson from the batter’s box and life in general. If you stand there and don’t swing, you’re not going to hit the ball. Just like if you keep yourself stuck in a situation, and don’t try your darndest to improve it and better yourself, life’s going to suck and you’re not going to make any progress.

It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. You’ll get there. You could get three hundred ground balls hit at you, and you could miss every single one. But you’re learning. It’s repetition. And you’ll get there, like anything in life, if you stick with it. (And rock the shin bruises).

Your struggles are a testament to your character. Whether it’s those damn stomach raspberries from diving for a line drive, scars from your first shoulder surgery, or that sh*tty season you’ll never forget, you’ve pushed on and pushed through. This you’ve translated to your everyday life. The only thing that matters is never giving up and getting back out on the field.

You are stronger than you realize. Physically and mentally. Softball has given you a tough skin and the mental toughness to get out of your own head, your batting slump, and refocus on the next pitch, the next obstacle to overcome.

You are a better lover because of the game. Softball has taught you passion. You love the game even through super-hard practices, crappy morning workouts when your eyes are barely open, and post-game tears. You love the good, the bad, the success and the losses—and you keep playing and working hard for what you love. (AKA you make the best type of girlfriend.) Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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