Someday, You And I Will Be Beautiful

Courtney Carmody
Courtney Carmody

Someday you and I will dance in the rain, the drops of water acting as our beat.

Someday you and I will gaze up at the stars, the light from the sky acting as our own personal lantern, illuminating the profiles of our faces.

Someday you and I will watch the snow fall between our noses, as we hold each other tight to shield our bodies and our minds from the coldness of our surroundings.

Someday you and I will vow to hold each other’s hands through life forever.

We will vow to never forget to let the rain create a mystical beat that only lovers could dance to, to let the stars act as our lanterns when it seems as though we’re forever in darkness, and to protect each other from the coldness that too often surrounds us.

Someday you and I will create something so magical that we’ll wonder how two imperfect beings could ever create something so genuinely perfect.

Someday you and I will conquer the world, hand in hand, heart to heart, if we just believe that we can.

But right now, we have conquered today. And we have made it through another one of life’s imperfect moments, and we have hands to hold and love to share.

So today, let’s just think about all of our somedays that are yet to come. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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