OMG Beyonce Has Cut Her Hair !!!

Beyonce Hair Insert

Just after ending the North American leg of her sold-out Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, Queen Beysus uploaded a trio of fabulous photos to Instagram showing the very important fact that SHE HAS CUT OFF ALL HER HAIR. Or simply taken her weave out if you want to take it there. She said, “Chiiilld, after that tour let me give my scalp a break!


She looks amazing, though. Seriously. In all of our collective years of Beyoncé, ever since “No, No, No” way back in 1998, we have seen Beyoncé with extensions of all kinds. We have almost NEVER seen her real, actual hair this short, except for when she wore that wig in Cadillac Records maybe? Anyway. Obviously this is not a look she can keep for the stage because, I mean, the gays her fans want to see WEAVE, Miss Honey. But props to you for taking the short hair plunge! NOW GIVE US AN ALBUM. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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