The Real Reason She Changed Her Hair After The Breakup

Unsplash / Valerie Elash

Yes, she changed her hair because a part of her was hoping to impress you. She wanted you to sneak a look at her Instagram page one day and realize what you have lost. She wanted you to kick yourself for losing the best thing that had ever happened to you. She wanted you to think of your breakup as a mistake, as the dumbest decision you could have possibly made.

But there is so much more to it than that.

She changed her hair because she wanted something new. Something to divide the person she was with you from the person she hopes to become in the future. She wanted a fresh start without you. She wanted to wipe the slate clean. To think of this as a new beginning. She didn’t want to look in the mirror and see the same girl who had her heart smashed by you. She wanted to see someone strong, someone independent, someone who has moved on.

She changed her hair because she needed a surge in confidence. Losing you made her question her worth. At first, she stayed up late, replaying moments inside of her mind, trying to figure out where she went wrong with you. There were insecure nights where she wondered whether she wasn’t pretty enough for you. Where she wondered wether she wasn’t exciting enough to hold your attention for more than a few months and was destined to end up alone again.

She changed her hair because without you around, she was finally able to stop worrying about what would make you happy and focus on what would make her happy. She took all of the energy she used to place into your relationship and started using it for her own benefit. She stopped caring about what other people thought. She stopped giving a fuck. She decided that, if she felt like doing something, she was going to get it done without worrying about what others might say.

She changed her hair because she wanted something else to talk about, other than your relationship. She didn’t want to walk into a room and be questioned by her friends about how the single life has been treating her. She wanted conversations to start with compliments about how damn good she looked with her new hair. She wanted the focus off of the breakup and onto her beauty.

She changed her hair because she wanted to reinvent herself. At a time when her world felt the most chaotic, she wanted to take control of the one thing she had complete power over — her own body. She wanted to make a statement. That she is her own person. That she can make her own happiness. That she doesn’t need anyone by her side to reach fulfillment.

Or maybe, she changed her hair because it made her happy. Because she liked what it looked like. Because she is allowed to spontaneously decide it’s time for a change. Maybe, just maybe, it had absolutely nothing to do with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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