5 Totally Normal Things You Do When You Have A Crush On Somebody

1. Freak OUT When They Text You About Hanging Out

Omgomgomgomg!!! Your crush just texted you to see what you’re doing, do you want to hang out. You’re not dating and you’re not even sure if s/he likes you that way, so any opportunity to hang out is precious! You’re so excited that you can’t even deal with breathing right now. They’re not just writing to say “hi” — they want to know if you’re free to hang out and stuff. So you drop everything and are all YES I AM TOTALLY FREE but not trying to seem desperate because desperation is not attractive, duh. When they ask where you want to go/what you want to do you propose your favorite spot in town.

2. You Listen To Their Every Word

Most people probably only listen to 70 to 80% of the stuff you say before their mind starts wandering towards other stuff. But when you have a crush on someone, you are plugged into them and listening to absolutely everything they say. Of course there are those moments where you sort of stop listening and are just looking at them be beautiful at you. And speaking of which…

3. You Totally Check Their Body And Fantasize About Them In Their Presence

It’s one thing to fantasize about someone you like behind closed doors/underneath bed sheets, but it’s a whole other game to do it when they are right in front of you. When you have a crush on somebody you study their body — their legs, hands, arms, face, you are examining every aspect of their body because you WANT it. When they talk to you about their particular thoughts on Snowden and the government spying on us etc. etc. etc. all you are definitely listening but you are also kind of imagining what it would be like to be under/on them.

4. You Get Nervous When Somebody Asks If You’re Dating Because The Truth WILL Come Out

There’s a weird space between liking somebody, actually dating them and finally being exclusive. When you like someone it’s pretty innocent, a school girl/boy crush. Dating them just means you’re hanging out and potentially sleeping together, keeping it totes casual. And then there’s that whole “he’s my boyfriend” moment where one of you refers to the other as a boy/girl friend in introductions. But what about when you’re hanging out with your crush and somebody inevitably asks you what you are to each other. “Are you friends or…” Hesitation…You look at each other not knowing what to say. When it’s a crush you’re supposed to say “we’re just friends” but then you worry that the other person will think you don’t like them “like that” and then you start to panic!

5. You Drop Little Hints

What’s the point of having a crush if it never goes anywhere? So you drop subtle hints — nothing scary like “OMG I WANT TO HAVE LIKE 10,000 OF YOUR BABIES” but you just kind of…say things in hopes that they will pick up the hint. If having a crush is different from casually dating to having a legit boy/girlfriend, you’ve got to do something to leap over to the next phase! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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