A GIF Guide To Hot Guys


Hot Guys Are A Source Of Wonder

source of wonder

He’s looking for you, baby.

Where Do They Come From!

dont ask questions

No one knows.

They Make You Feel Good

Make You Feel Good

A hot guy who is also nice is a rarity!

They Look Innocent Because They Are Perfect And Nothing Is Wrong With Them At All, EVER

The Can Seem So Pure

They never get constipated, never get pimples, they always smell good and everything about them is perfect all the time always. They even know their angles.

People Throw Themselves At Hot Guys

people throw themselves

Everyone’s gotta get a piece.

Some Guys Don’t Even Realize How Hot They Are

dont know how hot they are

They are the absolute best.

They Are Hot Leaning On Trucks

Hot On Trucks

Science has shown that all guys are much hotter against a truck. What could it be?

They Are Hot Doing Pushups

hottest when they are doing stuff

It’s a very suggestive workout activity.

Unfortunately, Some Guys Know They’re Hot And Prefer To Rub It In


Wait you mean you DON’T want to make out with me even though you just looked in my general direction? Oh. Sorry about that please don’t press charges omg.

They Know They Are The Cat’s Meow

Cats Meow

Gross, bro. GROSS.

Sometimes, Hot Guys Will Kiss You Like No One Else

Kiss You

Don’t we all dream of this exact kiss?

Two Hot Guys Kissing Is Awesome


Marvel in wonder as two insanely hot guys make out.

Two Hot Guys Together Is So Hot


You know you want in on all this hotness.

Some Hot Guys Look Great All Dressed Up


Does the tie make the man?

But Others Have A Bit More Edge To Them

cole mohr

Daredevils = yum.

Some Hot Guys Never Age


This wonderfully hot guy is 40!

Others Are Refined And Only Get Better With Age


Like a fine wine. Or a nice tea!

Still Others Are Thankfully Coated In Oil

all hot guys naturally covered in oil

It is their natural state.

You Melt When You See Them

Melt When You See Them


You Know He Wants You

he wants you

Jump on it.

At The End Of The Day, Hot Guys Are Only Good For A Few Things


Aside from being painfully pretty to look at.

Taking Their Shirts Off Out In Society

taking their shirts off

walk around shirtless

usher shirt off

Eye candy always makes for a brighter day!

ALSO, Taking Their Pants Off

taking their pants off

To reveal what’s hiding underneath of course.

So Enjoy The Sights

wink at you

Hot guys are God’s greatest gift to mankind. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Author of How To Be A Pop Star.

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