10 Signs Somebody Has A Crush On You

1. If They Add You On Facebook/Follow You On Twitter RIGHT After You Meet

If you’re looking for a flashing hint that somebody’s 100% definitely interested in you, look no further than social media! Say you’ve just met this impossibly hot person and you were so smitten by them and you can’t wait to have, like, 10,000 of their babies. Don’t even bother exchanging numbers. As soon as you get home, check your Facebook — they’ve already added you as a friend! Or maybe they found you on Twitter and Tweeted something awesome and adorable like “Had the best time with @sunshinegirl11222.” When somebody engages your social media self, that’s when you know they’re interested.

2. If They Are Always Inviting You Out To Do Cool, Amazing Things

The great part about the beginning of new relationships is getting to know each other. And what better way to get to know one another than by doing really fun, cool stuff! Doing stuff with you means that you two develop a “thing” that becomes your “thing,” which leads to inside jokes which leads to middle-of-the-day text messages about those fun things you did together. It’s a way of creating a bond.

3. They Will Text You All Day About Nothing In Particular

It’s all in his text. Sometimes text messages drive us crazy. Why does it take her or him so long to respond? Wait you typed “heh” instead of “LOLOLOLOL” WHAT DID I DO WRONG? When someone has a crush on you, they’ll find any reason to text you at all. They’ll tell you about what they’re having for lunch or about the funny thing some guy with a bird on his head did in the subway.

4. They Will Look At You A Lot

They will stalk your Facebook pictures and “Like” basically ALL of them. When you are together in real life they will make serious eye-contact with you, like they trying to suck your essence out through your eyes. The thing is, you have to know the difference between that “I’m listening to you” stare and those much more lustful, intentionally seductive glares. Maybe there’s a quick smile or perhaps a stare-at-you slash quick-smile-hair-toss combo. Either way, they’re trying to get your attention — and keep it.

5. But They Might Act Totally Disinterested, Too

Don’t be fooled, though! Sometimes when you’ve really got the hots for someone you don’t quite know how to behave around them soooo you respond by not responding to them at all. Well, not in public anyway. Zero eye-contact and maybe they’re even a little bit cold and distant. If you’re with a group of friends sometimes the crush won’t even talk to them directly. We’ve all been there. So if you suspect they’re interested and you’re interested, too, make it a little easier on both of you and take the first steps.

6. They Are Constantly Telling You About New Stuff You Didn’t Know About

When someone is crushing on you they want you to know how awesome they are SO YOU WILL PICK THEM. One way to tell someone digs you is if they are constantly telling you about stuff you have to know about right now. That hot new song, their favorite book of all time. Every time a crush tells you about something they like, they’re sharing vital parts of their experience in the world. But it also means they’re totally paying attention to you, too. “You were talking about how much you liked that band Le Tigre, so you’ve GOT to check out this other band I really like. Come over and listen to them with me sometime.” Annnd there it is.

7. They Will Probably Tease You A Lot

Teasing is the spice of flirting. If somebody has a crush on you, maybe they give you a silly nickname or maybe they wrestle with you gently. Anything to create some non-weird body contact.

8. They Will Surprise You

But nothing too outrageous or out there because you’re not dating yet. Could be as small as a cookie from your favorite place that they picked up because they know you like them. Surprise treats from a crush are a way of saying, “I get you. I want you. I’m listening.”

9. They Will Dust Their Oven Off, Invite You Over For Dinner And Dazzle You With The One Amazing Thing They Know How To Cook

A surefire sign that somebody has a crush on you, male or female, is if they invite you over for dinner. Like, just the two of you. There you are, enjoying a nice, hot meal, listening to music and talking about cool stuff. Having a crush is all about getting someone to notice you and impressing them once they do. We remember delicious meals, let’s keep it real, and when someone cooks for you it’s like they are sharing a piece of their essence with you. So, eat up!

10. They Will Definitely Show Up Every Time You Have A “Thing”

Actions speak louder than words, and it’s always telling when there’s that one person who always shows up to your big life “things” — performances, lectures, whatever it is you’re doing. They’ll be there. They want to give you their support. And what better way to start a relationship with someone than to know they have your back? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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