This Is My Love Letter

In your most beautiful moments, in between the minutes of dawn, when the sun rises over you and illuminates the curves of your skin in soft gold hues and glimmers. As I roll out of my bed, you’re there to support me to make sure that I don’t fall, but if I did, you would be there.

You are beautiful; you are alive. I sometimes feel as though I am above you, because you’re living at such a consistent rate. I neglect your stability and sometimes think I’m moving faster and I am more important than you, but those moments are seldom. You extinguish these thoughts of mine unintentionally just by being who you are, you’re extravagant, phenomenal, something that even the greatest philosophers and scientists couldn’t fully comprehend or explain. I live my life, day by day thinking of you, understanding you, wandering around as an independent with you there.

You are every ebbing flow and soft whistle I hear in the trees, I even feel as though you have given life to them sometimes, that they’re a part of you, shading my reading blanket, and giving warmth to my campfire. All these elements combined have made you into this beautiful, wonderful creature that I love with every fiber of my being. Every electron that pushes another electron away from it reminds me of you. You make me laugh when you allow happy coincidences to cross my path, because you find the most interesting things to be humorous.

I love you because you’ve shown me what it means to be in love with someone, when you spend every waking moment hoping that you can do good for them, because you’ve seen how incredibly good they are at heart. You taught me how to defend myself, by teaching me the laws of physics, the technique of karate, the strength of will power. I want to spend the afternoon with you, on a quiet trail in the wooded forests of Oregon or Switzerland, anywhere we are you are present, and I love that. I love you because you are so giving. You’ve given all that you have to make those around you happy, without expecting recognition. You’ve known me my entire life, you’ve been there in the moments when I opened my eyes and saw the beauty of being alive, to have a heart that beats, even if it sometimes feels empty.

You were there when I inhaled the smooth, sweet air and cried because I was overwhelmed with how alive I felt. You do that to me, you make me feel alive.

I often marvel at how beautiful you are, you posses a majestic quality that people want to take in with their eyes. It doesn’t embarrass you when people gasp at the entirety of your being, when they take photos of you, or simply dedicate their lives to seeing the rest of you. I feel honored, that someone so noble as you has given me the chance to spend my life with you. That you, the one who can grow almost anything in the soil, from the largest of trees, to the smallest four leafed clover, doesn’t mind waiting for me to learn and understand the beauty of agriculture with you. Speaking of patience, you’ve waited years and years for me to come back to you; to finally realize that you’re the one I’ve loved all along, because you are a part of me, and I am a part of you.

I don’t resent you when you lash out and take things away from people, because it’s natural. It’s infuriating, that you don’t know your strength. When you shift and move and sometimes don’t think about the effects it will have on people, you create natural disasters that hurt people. There is beauty in your destruction though, because you heal the wounds you create, and the rest of the world comes together to help you. Sometimes your destruction allows people to open their eyes, and work together with you. I love working with you, I love breathing your air, I love tasting you, running with you, watching you grow.

I love you because you’ve created love for me. You’ve shown me through science, and experience that you find love and lose love, but love is never wasted.

As I grow with you, you don’t judge me for the way that I age, or the age that I die. I will be yours for eternity, I will be in the wind, in the golden sunlight reflecting the vast detail in the sculptures you call mountains, and I will be the light reflecting off of the ocean into the lavender sky. I will light the fire of each sunrise for the rest of your days, after my days with you are done.

You, Earth, are my companion and friend, my mornings and my evenings. Your voice is the music that I create, the heartbreak that I endure, and the words that I type. You are the elements that I am, and I am made of the elements of you. I adore you, Earth. I am yours, and you are mine. On my journey with you, I have never been more alive. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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