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21 People Share The Creepiest, Most Unbelievable Thing They’ve Seen While Working On The Graveyard Shift

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Flickr, DncnH
Flickr, DncnH
Found on AskReddit.


I used to work in a hospital (in the IT department) and we did a number of overnight rollouts, as well as on call work / response when issues occured overnight. Many weird things happened, or appeared to happen.

The thing that struck me as oddest, was when I saw the coroner running at full speed down the corridor, in the opposite direction, towards the morgue. This guy, an older guy in his 50s or so, was going at full speed! I had never seen him above an amble before, but this time he was really going for it. As he got close to me he yelled “Out of the way — I got another live one!”

I am not sure what was more disturbing, the fact that he was dealing with what I could only assume was a dead body that now appeared to be alive, or the fact he said “another.”


McDonald’s employee. 2:30 AM Guy broke a syringe off in his arm after overdosing on heroin in the bathroom. Bled out. Through his arm. Blood. Blood everywhere. Please god no.


I collect organs and tissues for transplant from decedents which usually entails going into morgues in the dead of night. Once a donor was tubed and “burped” at me from the release of gases from their stomach. Nearly. Shit. Myself.

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