21 People Share The Creepiest, Most Unbelievable Thing They’ve Seen While Working On The Graveyard Shift


Nobody will see this but whatever.
This not-so-bright buddy of mine used to work late shift at a fast-food place. This one night a car rolls by in the drive-thru and suddenly he’s looking down the barrel of a 9mm. The guy shouts “Gimme the cash in the register!”. My bold friend bends down and says “NO!” and promptly shuts the window on him. The guy drives off confused. The next day the manager is reviewing the tapes and quickly goes up to him to ask him what happened. My friend says he just closed the window because it was bullet-proof. Manager stares at him and says “No they aren’t.” My friend properly freaks out about how close he got to getting shot.


I work as a transporter in a hospital. About two years ago we moved from the old city hospital into a new state of the art facility. The old hospital was built in the 1930s and was showing its age and at night was just plain creepy. Each floor had an east and west wing. The East wing of the fourth floor was the first wing to be shut down about two weeks before the move. One night at around 9:30 Im up on the floor to get a patient from the west wing. I see a small group of nurses and aids who all used to work on the, now closed, east wing.

They looked visibly shaken. I walked over to see if everything was ok. They told me that they had decided to walk through their old wing for nostalgia’s sake. When they were over there, the phone at the nurses station started ringing. The computers and phones had not yet been moved. Not sure what to do, one of the nurses reached over the counter and answered the phone. The nurse told me there was a woman’s voice on the other end and that she sounded confused. This is the conversation as best I can remember it. “This is _. how can I help you?” Asked the Nurse. “Hello? Who is this?”

“This is _. I’m a nurse. Is there anything I can help you with?” “Where I am I?” “This is (hospital name). Are you patient here?” “Oh. Ok.” Then the line went dead. Thats when the nurse finally looked at the screen on the phone to see where the call was coming from. The phone gave the room number directly next to the nurses station. The rooms by this point had all been cleared out and the phones removed. They could see directly into the room and see that there was nobody in there. Thats when they bolted towards the west wing where I was getting off the elevator. I avoided that wing for the rest of my time there.


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