21 People Share The Creepiest, Most Unbelievable Thing They’ve Seen While Working On The Graveyard Shift


It was going on ten and I was taking my last patient back to her room. She was a little old lady who was stable enough to ride in a wheel chair but definitely needed assistance on her feet. I got her back to her room and helped her into bed. I made sure she was comfortable and set the bed alarm before turning out the lights and leaving her room. I pulled the curtain behind me so as to not let too much light in but not all the way so that I could still see her in bed from the hallway. Her nurse was in the room next door and I needed to speak with her. While I was standing there, waiting for the nurse to come out of the other room, I distinctly saw a person walk past the curtain inside the old woman’s room.

The person was about the same hight as the woman and had the same grey hair. At first I thought, “She shouldn’t be up walking around!”. Then I remembered the bed alarm was set. The room was totally silent and when I looked in, I could see her still lying there exactly where I had left her. She had not moved an inch and the bed alarm was still armed. Thats when I got the most intense full body chills of my life. The nurse came out of the other room, I gave her my message and then booked it out of there. TC mark


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