The June Full Moon Brings Justice

The recent events in our world have been terrifying and disappointing, to say the least. Every living being on this planet has been affected in some way. We’ve been exposed to natural disasters, threats of war, a deadly virus, and an increase in awareness of police brutality, racism, and ignorance. None of these issues are easy to face as they involve the negative expressions of life such as loss, grief, destruction, hatred, confusion, pain, and suffering. However, the most substantial issue that humanity must face right now is the truth. The truth is what will set us free if we choose to acknowledge it. The upcoming full moon and lunar eclipse will spark the necessary energy to force veracity.

On June 5th, 2020, the full moon in Sagittarius makes its debut in the night sky lasting for approximately four days. This full moon will link up with a powerful lunar eclipse, making this period of time extra intense. Sagittarius, ruled by expansive and jovial Jupiter, represents justice, truth, knowledge, wisdom, spirituality, and the “higher self”. Full moons symbolize a time where you are asked to reflect on what you’ve witnessed and experienced. For some, with the full moon being in Sagittarius, this can be interpreted as reflecting on what you’ve been raised to believe versus what you have found to be the truth. For others, this can mean that now is a crucial time to fight for justice and equality. Since Sagittarius represents knowledge and learning, providing your social circle with articles, documentaries, book recommendations, and personal wisdom on racism and other social issues will prove to be beneficial. Even if some of your friends or loved ones decide not to follow through with educating themselves, at least you’ll know then where they stand and how they feel.

This is also a good time to pay attention to factual information versus misleading information used to spread fear and ignorance. Heavy topics will be brought up. Relationships may be altered forever, especially with the quarantine still in effect. Not everyone handles truth and change with an open mind. We have seen how people react to virus outbreaks and violence towards minorities. Those angered and overwhelmed by current issues are simply afraid of what they do not understand. Unfortunately, there are those that are blinded by hatred and bigotry, as well. This is where the more “negative” traits of Sagittarius can be used for the greater good. So allow yourself to be blunt, rebellious, and reckless if it means standing up for what’s right. Speak up. Be loud. Be brave. Without resistance and rebellion, we wouldn’t have the rights we have today. If you have a voice, use it.

Since this full moon comes with a lunar eclipse as well, we can expect to experience the need to let go of unhealthy attachments and toxic behaviors. This means that if there are people in your life that resist changing their hateful perspectives and are working against change, you should stand up for yourself and take letting them go into consideration. This lunar eclipse will also bring about destruction, rebirth, and total transformation in our lives. Out with the old and in with the new. We cannot bring about change without first dismantling the instruments used to restrict societal progression and equality. Astrology cannot predict what will happen next, but it can pinpoint the energies that are coating humanity. It is up to the people to decide how those energies will be played out. This is a true test of spiritual evolution and compassion. Will you fight for the truth or will you work against it? Are you doing what it takes to protect those who need it most? Are you actively standing up against oppression and racism? Don’t be afraid to speak up for what is right. Use the energy of this upcoming full moon to provide awareness, support, and protection to those in need.

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