44 Little Things A Girl Can Do To Show A Guy She Cares

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1. Look at me like you want me.

“There’s a certain way a woman looks at you when she wants you that’s really hot and makes you feel so appreciated.”

2. Tell me you want to see me.

“‘I want to see you.’ Told from then-girlfriend when I wasn’t even sure how into our relationship she was. It really made my heart melt.”

3. Stop and look me in the eyes meaningfully.

“When she stops to look you in the eyes meaningfully.”

4. Wink at me.

“The wink. Never fails.”

5. Hug me.

“A hug. I have no idea why, but a good hug from a girl could make me fall in love with her.”

6. Put your head on my shoulder.

“Putting your head on my shoulder while watching a movie or on the bus or anywhere To me, it feels like the girl is saying, ‘You’re the one I chose. I like you.’”

7. Come up from behind and hug me around the neck.

“When I’m sitting and she comes up from behind and hugs me around the neck. One of the best feelings.”

8. Link arms with me while we are walking.

“Linking arms with me while we are walking.”

9. Hold my hand in the car.

“Holding hands in the car.”

10. Hop into my arms when I go in for a hug.

“When I go for a hug and they do a little hop or jump and land in my arms. (Doesn’t even have to be sexual) just the fact that they want to be close makes me happy.”

11. Scratch my stubble.

“Little things like a kiss on the neck, scratching my stubble, a half-arsed one-handed lower back rub while walking, a squeeze of the butt, etc., etc.”

12. Snuggle up closer.

“When my girlfriend and I are sitting peacefully on the couch, maybe watching a movie, and she does that girl thing when they snuggle up closer to you and lay their head on your shoulder/lap. Feels good, man.”

13. Tell me I make you happy.

“Nothing sounds better than ‘you make me happy.’”

14. Reach for my hand.

“When I’m with someone, I love when a lady reaches for my hand. To me, that is the single most loving gesture I could ever ask for.”

15. Touch my arm during a conversation.

“Touching my arm during a conversation. Something about it just makes me feel.”

16. Touch my face when you’re kissing me.

“Touching my face if you’re kissing me. It’s so nice.”

17. Text me first.

“Texting first. If I meet a girl, we start talking, and she is willing to text me first to talk, I really appreciate it. It’s really annoying always having to be the first one to text and initiate a conversation, ’cause it always makes you feel like maybe they don’t want to talk to you, and that you might be coming across as pushy.”

18. Say my name.

“Just saying my name during a response make me feel acknowledged and welcome.”

19. Make me breakfast.

“Started seeing this new girl. Second time I stayed at her place. I had to work early so I showered there before work. While I was in the shower she got out of bed and made me a quick breakfast before I left. It was nothing extravagant but I appreciated it so much. Warmed my heart.”

20. Bring me a grilled cheese sandwich and a vanilla shake while I’m working on your car.

“I was working on her car. We’d just started dating and she told me her car was having problems. Ugh, it needed a new timing chain. So, I’m out in our apartment parking lot changing her timing chain and she’s inside all warm and cozy. I gotta say, I was a starting to feel a little used. Then, she brought me a grilled cheese sandwich and a vanilla milk shake with bourbon in it. God bless that woman and her melted cheese.”

21. Compliment my appearance.

“Compliment on our appearance. It’s so rare but when it happens, we remember forever.”

22. Wear one of my shirts.

“Kicking about the house in one of my shirts. It’s just awesome.”

23. Smile a lot when you’re around me.

“Honestly if she is smiling a lot while around me I have a 100% higher chance of falling for her. I love seeing people happy and making people laugh. Also someone who is smiling instantly become twice as attractive Other things: any type of compliment towards something that I am proud of or something that’s new.”

24. Apologize when you’re wrong.

“When she apologizes after saying or doing something hurtful or thoughtless. A simple ‘I’m sorry’ goes a very long way in setting things right.”

25. Hold the second door open when you’re wrong.

“When entering a building with two sets of doors. You hold the first open for her and then she holds the second open for you. That tells you that she knows we’re in this together.”

26. Pat MY butt.

“A pat/grab on MY butt.”

27. Brush my arm as we stand by each other.

“Just a slight touch….Just your hand on my hand, or brushing my arm as we stand by each other is just so wonderful.”

28. Compliment something about my looks or clothing.

“Just complimenting something about my looks or clothing that day. As a guy we don’t really a LOT of thought into what we wear, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t self-conscious. So receiving a compliment that is genuine and specific can actually really brighten our day.”

29. Look me in the eyes and smile.

“When she looks me in the eyes and smiles.”

30. Scratch my back.

“A back scratch. To me, there’s nothing more I enjoy while I lay there and suddenly feel her hand.”

31. Make me a home-cooked meal.

“Honestly just a home-cooked meal waiting for me.”

32. Stick up for me.

“This is gonna sound extremely non-manly but: sticking up for me. I’m not afraid to fight my own battles but having someone be like ‘oh like hell you just said that’ before I can even open my mouth is great.”

33. Leave me an Advil at bedside when you know I’ll wake up with a hangover.

“I started seeing this girl recently and I slept over her place and we drank a lot the night before and she let me sleep in after she went to work and left me her toothbrush, an Advil and water next to the bed for me.”

34. Play with my hair.

“Playing with my chest hair.”

35. Stop by to visit.

“Well for me, just stopping by spontaneously sometimes just to visit can really brighten my day.”

36. Feed me.

“It just melts our hearts when you feed us. Or when you cook enough so we have leftovers for lunch the next day. There is just something super endearing about sharing the TLC that goes into making food with someone else. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a meal is worth a thousand kisses.”

37. Reach for your wallet when the check comes.

“If, when the check comes for dinner, she reaches for her wallet. I won’t accept her paying, even her share, but the gesture speaks volumes. If she sits there staring at me just waiting for me to pay (even though I’m going to anyway) there’s no second date.”

38. Say ‘hi’ with a genuine smile.

“Just a ‘Hi’ with a genuine smile can do lots. :) Also for example a ‘I’m going to get a coffee/water/whatever, want one?’ is a really small but nice gesture. I don’t really know why its ‘better’ when it comes from a woman’s mouth but the feel of appreciation just is different.”

39. Have a hot towel ready for me when I get out of the shower.

“Started seeing a girl and her heat had gone out in the dead of winter. It was 10 below zero outside and we had let the fire go out while we were sleeping. Needless to say the inside of the house was very cold. I had to get up early in the morning, so I took a nice warm shower. The whole time I was dreading turning the water off and facing the cold air of the house. I turned the water off and pulled the curtain back. There she was, standing there with a towel. Not just any towel though. A towel, she had warmed up on HOT in the dryer.”

40. Refill my beer mug.

“I live in Japan, where some of the smaller traditional chivalry things are sort of reversed. One of the things that girls do here is refill a drink for you when you run out. So, imagine you’re having dinner and you order a beer. They usually bring a 40oz beer with a 16 oz mug. When you finish it, the girl refills it. It’s a small gesture but is basically the nicest thing ever.”

41. Make me a surprise sandwich.

“I was playing video games and she was watching Netflix. She went into the kitchen and for no reason that I can discern, came back with a sandwich for me. I fell in love with her right there, I had not felt connected to someone as I had to her, in over 15 years.”

42. Kiss me on the cheek when I come home.

“Kiss on the cheek and a smile as I arrive home from a busy day at work.”

43. Leave a surprise treat on my desk.

“Sometimes when my wife is out getting groceries she’ll pick me up a little treat or candy bar then leave it sitting for me on my desk.”

44. Ask me how I am.

“When a woman stops talking and asks simply, ‘how are you?’ but really sincerely. Not a question like ‘whats wrong?’ Or ‘why are you so quiet?’ Just actually listen. Makes me feel connected and its less one-sided.”
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