50 People Confess Their Darkest Family Secrets

50 People Confess Their Darkest Family Secrets

36. My dad and grandfather used to fight each other with knives all the time

“My grandfather and father knife fought each other frequently. Dad has huge scars on his abdomen. Grandfather had serious issues, very abusive. He held a straight razor up to my grandmother’s throat and my uncle grabbed a nearby rifle and held it up to him. The last words out of his mouth were telling my uncle he didn’t have the guts to shoot him.”

37. My uncle is a pill head and a thief

“My uncle got addicted to prescription meds, bled out his business of cash before he emptied out my cousins’ inheritance/college funds. He then asked my parents for a loan to help with his business (no one was aware of what he was doing, apparently not even my aunt) and then spent that on drugs. His younger kids don’t know but his oldest does as he was the only one my aunt could rely on/confide in. My family wasn’t the only one he stole from either and he’s basically been exiled from his immediate family until he fixes what he’s done, which isn’t likely.”

38. My dad is a registered sex offender

“My dad is on the sex offender registry for rape. From the research I have done he was never convicted and most likely falsely accused; yet he is still listed as an offender. Also, he is several years older than he says he is?!?”

39. I’m named after my mom’s ex-lover

“I’m named after my mother’s ex-lover. 20 years and one divorce later my dad still doesn’t know.”

40. My aunt sent lewd pictures of her underage daughter to an underage boy she met online

“My aunt sent lewd (I am not sure if fully nude or not) pictures of her underage daughter, my cousin, to an underage boy she met on the Internet. No charges were ever filed, because my uncle was going through chemo and wasn’t doing too well, and my family that found out didn’t want to put him through the stress of that investigation during the last years of his life. Sick fucking bitch got away with it.”

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