50 People Confess Their Darkest Family Secrets

50 People Confess Their Darkest Family Secrets

6. My cousin prostitutes herself in exchange for benzos

“As of this past November, my cousin was prostituting herself to men she was meeting on various websites to fund her benzo addiction. I don’t know if it’s still going on or not but it’s pretty fucked up.”

7. Dad wanted to abort me

“My dad wanted to abort me, but his college professor convinced him to let my mom had me. I think he still regrets it.”

8. Dad works in Las Vegas as a drag queen

“When I was 13 my father came out as gay and how is happily married to a male and works in Las Vegas as a drag queen.”

9. My mother murdered my brother

“My mother murdered my brother a while back, and while no one else knows this, I was able to talk to the mortician and discovered that my brother had his neck slit by my mother and that he had bruises up and down his arms and face. Turned out to be defensive bruises from trying to block her stabbing him. I’m the only one in my family to know and I don’t think anyone in the family could handle figuring that out, especially since it’s been over two years now.”

10. My ex’s father was repeatedly ass-raped by his parents and their friends

“My ex’s father was passed around like candy between his parents and their friends. Dude’s like 60 to this day can’t have a normal bowel movement.”

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