17 Women Reveal How Long They Made Their Boyfriend Wait To Have Sex, And Why

7. “I married for the first time very young and both he and I were very Baptist and both virgins. We dated for a year without sex and when we married the sex was actually great after we learned how to do it. We divorced five years later but it was amicable. I don’t regret that marriage actually and I don’t remember waiting to have sex until marriage. Now, however, waiting isn’t as important to me.”

—Maggie, 29


8. “We were only dating casually for the first three months but my boyfriend was willing to wait a total of seven months before we had sex and I kept it casual until the two months before we did mainly because he had a reputation as a player. I’d never made anyone wait that long before. The night we had sex he actually said ‘I can’t believe this is really happening’ which made the whole thing that much more romantic for me. We’ve been together nearly a year now and think we each may have found the perfect partner.”

—Karen, 27


9. “I have vaginismus which, for the sake of summary, means that it hurts for things to go in my vagina. It’s an extremely disruptive condition sexually for the obvious reasons. It’s also caused me to lose relationships because I always made guys wait until they didn’t want to wait anymore and I was scared to death of the pain sex caused because I wasn’t aware of my condition for years. With my current boyfriend it took us six months of trying to have sex for us to do it with minimal pain and that was after three months of dating and him figuring out if this was something he was willing to work through with me. We’ve been dating a year now and it can still sometimes hurt but mostly it’s actually wonderful.”

—Cynthia, 28



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