I Hope You Remember You Don't Need Him

I Hope You Remember You Don’t Need Him

In the midst of your breakup, in the whirlwind of your pain, and in the pit of the darkness, I hope you remember this.

I hope you grab hold of the tiny ray of hope inside you and believe that it will get better. Don’t let the darkness and depression sink their grip onto you and submerge yourself into them. Don’t allow the hopelessness to overwhelm your senses and think that all is lost.

This inconsolable sadness that consumes you right at this instance will pass. This absurd resignation that the best days of your life are over will fade. This unexplainable fear that you will never find someone better will be proven wrong in time to come.

I hope you realize that if it’s right with him, it won’t be so hard. It won’t feel like you’re the only one putting in the work. You won’t have to wonder where you stand with him.

You won’t have to be the one who always initiates to talk or to meet. You won’t be left wondering if he actually missed you when you were away. You won’t have to guess his intention because it would have been crystal clear. You won’t have to the only one fighting in this one-sided relationship. You won’t have to be left in tears when he broke his promises and shattered your heart.

I hope you see that you didn’t lose the best thing that happened to you. On the contrary, this is only the starting of your new life that is oozing with brilliance possibilities.

You are still young with your whole life ahead of you. As impossible as it sounds now, you will meet someone else down the road and it would be right in all the ways that went wrong with you and your ex. It would be easy in all the areas that seem irreconcilable in your last relationship. It would be something lasting because the feeling is mutual and both of you and your future partner would fight to stay together.

I hope you realize that this period may be difficult but it would be the breakthrough that you didn’t know you needed.

This situation is unbearable painful but it didn’t have to break you. You can take this as an opportunity to revamp your life and cleanse it of all toxicity and old history that were dragging you down. You can see this as your new lease of life, creating new dreams and boldly chasing after your heart desires hungrily and making them a reality.

You can make this the pivotal point of your life, taking charge of your life like the master you are, and striving towards your ideal life. You can start learning that self-love is an art and the more you practice, the more natural it comes to you.

I hope you see that you will be okay without him because you don’t need him. You never did.

Heartbreak sucks but it doesn’t have to stay like this forever. Take active steps and do something that would benefit you. It may not amount to much each day but slowly, it’s building up your strength and bringing you closer to happiness.

I hope you trust in yourself, your strength and the universe that you will survive this because nothing can defeat you and definitely not this. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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