One Day, You’ll Be Glad You Walked Away From Him

One day, you will be glad that you walked away from him.

You will be humbled to know that all the cliché sayings are right and time does indeed heal all wound. You will be living your life the way you want it to be and while you’re busy relishing every bit of it, it will suddenly dawn on you that he’s no longer the persistent thought that haunts you in everything you do. You will chance upon something that never fails to remind you of him be it a song or a place and you’re relieved that your torment has finally ended for your heart no longer ache at the thought of him.

You will acknowledge that of all the things that you’re proud of, one of it was having the courage to walk away from him.

To erase his presence so utterly from your life that you couldn’t have found him even if you try. To uproot all that you know of and put the past behind you. To remove all the toxicity and drama for a brand new start awaiting you.

Because love as you know it, shouldn’t have to be this painful.

It’s not effortless but it isn’t supposed to be this difficult even at the beginning. There should never have to be any doubt for his feeling for you. There should never have to be a need to fight for him to be with you. There should never have to be any irreconcilable differences that are standing between you both. And it should not have caused you this tremendous amount of hurt.

Love to you is straightforward. You know how unwavering you feel for him and you’re resolute in your decision to be with him. You’re willing to brave any obstacles and overcome all the impossible to be with him. You’re determined to protect what you and he have built and you never want to let it go.

Yet he doesn’t share the same sentiment as you. Whereas your love for him is sturdy and strong, his is uncertain and flickering. He is inconsistent with his words and actions, not knowing what is the next step and is responsible for your heartbreak. He isn’t sure whether if both of you should be together. He feels that there are too many odds against you both not realizing that he is the biggest stumbling block to the relationship.

So when you have tried all you can in this dying relationship, there must be a moment in time when you decided this is it.

Perhaps that moment is when you look into the cold eyes of your unemotional lover as he breaks your heart brutally without the slightest concern. Or when you have been at the end of the rope trying to salvage what was left of your relationship to no avail.

That life-changing moment is when you realized that you’re not going to try anymore because no one is worth this pain you’re suffering now. It is when you finally see your worth and accept what your loved ones have been telling you- that you deserve so much better. It is when you start to picture a life without him and it brings you this sense of serenity and clarity that eventually, you will be happier than before.

It is when you know that there will be a day in the near future when you thank yourself for walking away from him and never look back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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