This Is How A Strong Woman Moves On From Heartbreak

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Adithya Reza

When you first break the news to her, she’s going to be shocked.

Her eyes, that used to remind you of calming rivers, grow stormy as the implication of what you said sinks in. Her smile, that used to be as blinding as the sun, fades to a haunted expression. Her exquisite voice that used to resemble sweet ballads cracks hoarsely in pain.

You’re going to feel sorry for her and may even find her pitiful.

But don’t be.

Because every atom in her body protest against giving into the darkness that is mounting against her. Every fiber of strength inside her pushes her to stand firm against this tidal of desolation that threatens to overcome her. Every inch of her essence drives her to resist against the hopeless despair that is engulfing her.

In her mind, she knows instinctively that she is bigger than this heartbreak. She knows she can rise above her pain if she doesn’t let it consume her. She knows she deserves someone who wants her with the same intensity and nothing less.

She knows the universe has better plans in store for her and she trusts it. She knows there is no happiness in forcing someone to be with her. She knows there is no reason for fear because she’ll be just fine by herself.

That’s why she won’t ask you to stay. She won’t cling onto the last throes of your love, refusing to let go. She won’t cry hoping to win your sympathy.

She’s not going to beg you to love her.

Instead, she’ll accept the breakup as gracefully as she can with no hard feelings. She’ll move on from you completely by removing all traces of you from her life—not because she hates you, but because she knows she needs time to heal. She’ll focus fully on healing by filling her life with positivity and surrounding herself with the people she loves.

She’ll remain soft in all the ways she was before you and continue to love wildly, passionately, and tenderly.

The only difference is that she’s grown stronger and more resilient than she was before. She’s more confident of what she wants in love and she promises herself never to settle for one who is beneath her big heart. She’s optimistic that she’ll find the love that belongs to her. She’s grateful for all the abundance and blessings in her life that make her heartbreak seem pale in comparison.

She’s not sorry that the breakup happened, as she has grown to accept it. She’s not sorry she’s moving on. And she’s definitely not sorry that she has stopped loving you.

She’ll move on from you easily because she knows that you’re your own person and it’s not in her place to try to mold you to the vision she expected you to be. She’ll let you go because she knows in accepting the loss of you, it’s a gift to her. She’ll stop clinging to the past because she’s too busy living in her present moment and indulging in what makes her heart sing.

She’ll stop loving you because she loves herself too much to care for someone who broke her heart.

She’ll heal from her heartbreak because she embraces her grief, knowing that it doesn’t define her. She faces her pain bravely and fights her own demons courageously. And by being willing to be vulnerable, that makes her strong.

She’s a strong woman before she met you, and now, she’ll blossom into a stronger version of her previous self. She’ll thrive even more magnificently, without you by her side. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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