It’s Alright To Miss Him, But Don’t Go Back To Him

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I know you really miss him.

Everything just reminds you of him. The familiar places that you used to go. The heartfelt conversations that you had. The boyish grin that tugged at your heartstrings. The memories of both you and him that you still can’t seem to let go.

You feel so tired and weary and you’re sick of feeling this way.

Because you have tried you best, yet your best is just not good enough. Somehow despite your good intentions, you find yourself missing him.

You pack your days with so many activities just so you won’t think of him. You do what you think is right to pick up the pieces of your broken heart. Yet, somehow, when night falls and when you’re all alone, all you feel is your aching need for him.

You get tired of trying so hard to forget him when all you want is talk to him. You no longer remember how he hurt you because all you think of are the good memories and how you would give anything to go back.

When you’re missing him and want to text him, please don’t.

This moment of temporary weakness will pass, as it always will. You know in the depth of your mind that this is a bad idea and you really shouldn’t.

Because texting him won’t change a thing. He’s still the person he is and time won’t change him. It’s insane to keep going back to him and expecting different results. It’s torturous to put yourself through the same pain numerous times. It’s heartbreaking to break your own heart for someone who is unable to give you the love you deserve.

It’s alright to miss him and normal to feel the way you’re feeling. After all, you did spend a fair amount of time together. There were happy times and maybe for a period of time, he tried his hardest to give you what you wanted. Maybe there was a time; you thought you would be happy with him.

But you have to accept that whatever went down between you and him, it should stay in the past where it belongs. If you persist on reaching out to him, you’ll only delay your own healing process and reopen your old wounds.

If you refuse to let go of the past, you won’t be able to cherish your present and see the other blessing in your life. If you cannot get over thinking that you need him in your life, you’re only making your life harder than it has to be.

Don’t cling onto the past so tightly until you lose sight of what you have now. Don’t love someone to the point of hating yourself. Don’t go back to what had hurt you so many times.

You deserve to lead your best possible life without him dragging you down. You deserve to be happy in your current reality without being trapped in old memories. You deserve to be unabashedly yourself without anyone dimming your light.

You deserve the world and he certainly doesn’t deserve you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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