The Brutal Truth About Wanting To Move On From Him

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‘Wanting’ to get over him is not enough.

You can wish upon a star and hope that you magically forget about him. You can try your one last time that you’ll meet him, see him, text him.

You can tell yourself that this doesn’t mean a thing even as you continue to reply him. That you cannot do without him. That you need closure before you can move on. That you need to slowly ease him out of your life. That while it won’t happen today, it will eventually.

The brutal truth about moving on is that you have to just do it.

That’s it. There are no magical fixes or instant solutions. Everything else is just an excuse.

You don’t need any closure from him because there’s no answer he can give you that can smooth your aching heart and heal your weary soul. You don’t need him dropping in once in awhile to check in on you just because you cannot bear the thought of going zero contact. You don’t need to be friends with him just because he suggested it and you don’t want to look petty. You don’t need to care if you’ll hurt him if you suddenly cut off contact with him.

Moving on is for yourself and you have to do it because you decided enough is enough.

For once, you’re going to think about yourself first. You’ll look after your own self-interest. You’ll do what is best for you. You’ll not take the easy way out.

Because there has to be a point when you’re tired of trying so hard. When all your overflowing love that you pour into him is met with cold indifference and an apologetic, ‘sorry’. When tears have replaced your smile and you feel miserable everyday. When you become a shadow of your former self that you couldn’t recognize yourself.

You are worth so much more than that.

You are worth more than a ‘sorry’ from a boy who strings you along for months. You are worth more than being an afterthought and someone he finds only when he’s bored or needs something. You are worth more than the pity and apology he feels for you, instead of the love you want to find in him.

Once you let him go, the right person will come. When you let him go, you’ll find the happiness you need from yourself.

Because there is nothing more painful than loving someone who couldn’t love you back.

It is better to be alone and do you than to be with someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you. It is better to embrace being the lead character in your own life than to fight for a place in someone else’s story. It is better to move on than to cling on stubbornly to revive a dying love. It is better to be single than be in a non-existence relationship that makes you feel even lonelier.

You deserve so much better than this. That’s why you cannot just want to get over him. You have to do it.

After you take the first step, only then can happiness belongs to you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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