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This Is Exactly What A Healthy Relationship Looks Like

I think there’s a misconception about what a ‘good’ relationship is and what it isn’t. Of course, each relationship looks entirely different, just as each relationship has its own strengths and weaknesses, but there really is a clear line around what a healthy relationship looks like. Relationships are supposed to be this all loving and beautiful thing. Regardless of differences and the usual tiffs, the respect a relationship has should never change.

A healthy relationship is listening more than speaking at all times.

A healthy relationship is reminding one another of what each other’s best self looks like.

A healthy relationship is about intention. It’s about never intentionally hurting you but always intentionally loving you.

A healthy relationship is both parents knowing each other and supporting the relationship because they too know it’s healthy and positive.

A healthy relationship is filled with empowerment, it’s always encouraging each other to be better and bigger.

A healthy relationship is working through your own insecurities so that they never cause a problem, it’s allowing your partner to unconditionally feel free.

A healthy relationship is never projecting your own insecurities and disfigurement onto your partner.

A healthy relationship is befriending your partner’s people, it’s always loving who they love.

A healthy relationship is gentle, it uses “I statements” when communicating.

A healthy relationship asks questions, it knows what your soft parts are and never intentionally uses them against you.

A healthy relationship knows where your veins are, the temperature of your body.

A healthy relationship chooses you day after day and never makes you question your importance.

A healthy relationship is independence, it feels like freedom. A healthy relationship tastes like the cherry on top of your already made ice cream sundae, something you choose because it’s good – but something that you do not need. TC mark


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