Marry Someone That Never Stops Pursuing You

Marry Someone That Never Stops Pursuing You

Marry someone that never stops pursuing you.

Marry someone that still tries to speak your love language better as time goes on, no matter how fluent they think they are.

Marry someone that makes your coffee or tea in the morning exactly how you like it, morning after morning.

Marry someone that doesn’t stop asking you questions about yourself, your thoughts, or your childhood. Someone who longs to know everything about you even if those things constantly change.

Marry someone that never stops showing up, who you know will be there when the day is over ready to hold and respect you no matter what.

Marry someone that not only knows how to admit when they are wrong, but someone who puts all their effort into fixing the things they have the power to before it negatively affects the whole house. Someone who doesn’t let the little problems get big. 

Marry someone that gives your anxiety ease. Someone who resembles peace in war.

Marry someone that never lets you face anything alone, the type of person that takes being your teammate more seriously than anything.

Marry someone that feels like home, someone who never stops making you want to come home. Someone who knows how you like your bed made and Christmas lights hung. Someone who never makes you feel bad for the things you need or say.

Marriage is about creating more love with the love you already have. It’s pursuing each other long after you have each other. It’s giving the person a reason to stay every single day and not taking their presence for granted. It’s creating a space where you can go to feel good on the hard days and a place you can go to celebrate on the good ones.

You deserve to feel seen. You deserve to feel heard and have all of your needs met. You deserve to feel wanted even after years of being with the same person. You deserve to feel respected, adored, and whole. Marry someone that never stops pursuing you.

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