Marry Someone You Would Want Your Daughter To Marry

Marry Someone You Would Want Your Daughter To Marry

Marry someone you would want your daughter to marry.

Marry someone who wakes you up with the same joy that you’d want giving your baby every morning. Marry someone who touches you in the same language you feel safe speaking.

Marry someone you can do the hard stuff with. Someone that doesn’t leave. Someone that knows how to open you back up once you’ve shut down. Someone that knows how to hold your hand through discomfort. Someone that pays so much attention to your details that they never fail to know every part of your hands when you need to feel understood the most.

Marry someone that speaks to you with the same intention to uplift and grow you as you would a human you were in the midst of growing yourself.

Marry someone that never makes you feel scared, someone that won’t be the reason for monsters being under the bed at night.

Marry someone that works for your love. Someone that proves to you every minute of every day their unspoken agreement to love you and to love you wholly, even on the sickest days, and even on the days when it doesn’t feel as easy to. Someone that shows up to you and your love every day knowing it is not guaranteed, that you don’t have to show up either.

Don’t marry someone who wants to watch the mountains with you, marry someone who wants to hold your hand while you climb them together.

Marry someone who is creative, who likes to build and create new things. Someone who visualizes their dreams in the form of an idea and who isn’t afraid to see it fail until it comes to fruition because they want it that badly, someone who knows they are worthy of their best thoughts.

Marry someone you would want your daughter to marry. This is going to be the person who is going to speak to her how her inner voice does. This is going to be the behavior she accepts as love, something she’ll one day long for more than anything. This isn’t just about your future and who you feel loved by, this is how she will spend her life loving and letting people love her.

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