Date A Girl Who Actually Works On Herself

There is no such thing as the indefinite completion of a masterpiece. The entire point of a masterpiece is that it’s a work in progress. The emphasis is on the process—it just continues to evolve and gets better and better as time goes on and you put in the work.

Date a girl who knows she is a work in progress and deliberately chooses each day to do her work.

Date a girl who knows she’s not perfect and can wear her humility and commitment to being a human better than any silk robe ever made.

Date a girl who knows enough to know there is a lot of stuff she has yet to know, someone who knows knowledge is power but that patience brings peace.

Date a girl who sees spaces that need tending to and somehow only sees the opportunity for growth, the openness and possibility for things to feel and be better.

Date a girl who is committed to the journey more than she’s committed to the outcome, someone who finds the meaning in the steps over the meaning in the destination.

Date a girl who works on herself for the sake of everyone she’s around, out of love for the people she loves most—especially herself.

When you date a girl that actually works on herself, you’re dating someone who has the intention for things in her world to endlessly be improving. The truth about being with someone who works on themselves is that things will always find a way to be better, to feel better—that’s just the life they live. That’s just the work they do. Things grow when you water them every day. Things blossom when the effort is apparent, when it’s been mindfully touched with the intent to expand.

Date a girl that works on herself, because she’ll know how to work on the love you create. Date a girl that works on herself, because she’ll know how to mend, offer patience, and put things back together over and over and over again—she does this by nature.

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