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33 Definite Signs This Isn’t Your Soul’s First Life

1. You have more friends that are older than you

2. The way you engage in conflict is not like someone who is in junior high would

3. You are the friend everyone goes to for advice

4. You’ve always admired big words and a large vocabulary

5. You have your own opinions on things and don’t let others persuade you

6. You don’t actively try to fit in with your peers

7. Sometimes even adults or your parents ask you for your wisdom or input

8. You like learning new things

9. You can’t stay in the same space for too long

10. You aren’t stuck on one religion, you’ve been around long enough to understand there are love and truth in things we aren’t even aware of yet

11. You love in a graceful way

12. You crave new understanding

13. You feel the importance of deep connection

14. You think it’s silly when people act like they know everything for certain

15. You don’t let small things ruin friendships

16. You know the importance of alignment

17. You aren’t fixated on having one career and one career only

18. You feel connected to nature

19. You know how crucial mindfulness is

20. You are able to be present in almost any situation

21. You know your needs

22. You know your boundaries

23. You feel empathy for absolutely everything

24. You keep a journal

25. Babies and animals especially like you

26. You pay attention to what you feed your body

27. You practice gratitude daily

28. You have a really open mind

29. You are very light-hearted

30. You really honor your own and everyone else’s individual experience

31. You know you are small compared to everything this world is made up of

32. You have a very close relationship to your faith

33. You constantly have deja vu Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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