50 Things Every Woman Needs To Hear Right Now


1. You can be anything you want.

2. You can be anyone you want.

3. You are allowed to succeed.

4. You are allowed to fail.

5. You are allowed to keep sleeping.

6. You are allowed to love.

7. You are allowed to be loved.

8. You have the right to cry.

9. You have the ultimate right to be happy.

10. You are beautiful.

11. One day, you are going to realize just how pretty you looked today.

12. You are strong.

13. You don’t need anyone to survive, but you are allowed to, and you should want them to.

14. Life is bigger than high school.

15. Your weight does not define you as a person.

16. The color of your skin does not define you as a person.

17. Society is wrong.

18. Your words are significant.

19. Your bad choices will end up being your best lessons.

20. You are wise.

21. You are smart, and educated.

22. I can see that you are trying, and because of that, that means you are not failing.

23. Your laugh is magical.

24. You are destined for greatness.

25. People are proud of you.

26. Do not hurt yourself, because it is you who has never left your side.

27. Know that you are bigger than your insecurities.

28. You are art. Simply art.

29. Do not ever feel bad for creating distance with someone.

30. Other people’s disfigurement is not yours to take on and feel.

31. Show up for goodness.

32. Make goodness.

33. Be goodness.

34. You can call in sick.

35. You can set big goals.

36. You can be different than your family.

37. You are allowed to have crazy ideas.

38. Go get a massage.

39. You know exactly how to heal your own heart.

40. Every word you will ever need to hear, you’ve already said.

41. Here is a plane ticket, explore the world.

42. What other people cannot give to you, you must know you can give to yourself.

43. You are fiercely independent.

44. Talk to yourself like you are your own bestfriend.

45. Offer compassion like you crave milkshakes at 2am; give it like you’d give in to your cravings.

46. Remember that you only have one life to live. Be present.

47. Do not settle in love. There is someone out there who will give you the moon and all of the stars, they will understand how you operate and they will love you despite all of your walls.

48. Know your worth.

49. However bad things feel is only how good they are going to get.

50. You are doing great. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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