What To Be For Halloween In 2016 Based On Your Zodiac Sign



If you are a Leo, you will probably dress up as something completely different than everyone else, so don’t even think about being a cat for a second. Leo’s don’t mind making an impression or being the center of the stage, so you’ll probably dress as something entirely unique like a sexy Queen Of Egypt or someone sparkly from the 70’s.


Aries are the queen of all queens. If you are an Aries you’ll either being something as powerful as a queen/princess, or you’ll be something bold like a devil (you are fiery after all). Whatever an Aries dresses up as, they’ll be hot; it’s woven in their identity.


Virgos are intellectual and are knowledge-seeking creatures. So, don’t be surprised if they dress as something like a nerd, detective, teacher, or someone who is trying to figure out why no one is wearing any clothes.


Cancers are professionals at being vulnerable. Cancers are down for connection, so this year, more than ever, they will be using the buddy system, (AKA they will probably be matching with their buddies). They will be something like Thing One and Thing Two or have matching footie pajamas with their friends.


Some qualities of an Aquarius (according to Google) are things like being affectionate, lustful, frank, obsessive/ easily addicted to something, or maybe they “tell it how it is”, so they’ll probably go as Donald Trump. JUST. KIDDING. I have found it to be personally true that people who fall under Aquarius are extremely loyal. They’ll probably dress up with their significant other, or even something hilarious like a sexy version of Dr. Bailey from Grey’s Anatomy.


A Taurus is ambitious, independent, reliable, and practical. For Halloween this year they won’t be cliche, they be something extravagant yet graceful. A Taurus makes for a perfect gypsy or something in that creative nature.


Geminis are the perfect balance of cute and quick-witted. They are typically sociable, so their Halloween costume will reflect that. Perhaps they will be something like Mini Mouse or more of a common costume that relates to the majority, whatever they are they rock it like no one else.


Libra’s are peace-makers. So they may be just that. Whatever they dress up as, it will reflect their desire for harmony. Some ideas for Libra’s are down to earth things such as musicians, anything in nature, or even someone/something representing magic.


Any Scorpio loves a good fight. They are commanding and intense, and quite frankly are best at representing costumes that fit in the category of scary. Maybe they’ll dress as a ghost, a scary figure, some type of fighter, etc.


If you are a Sagittarius you are bound to be something colorful and vibrant. You are original, and inadvertently optimistic. For Halloween you’ll probably resonate with being something like a sun or a figure from somewhere else in the world, whatever you will be it will represent the world how you see it- which is extraordinary.


Capricorns have a nature that reflects leadership and politics. Capricorns would make a great president, CEO, any kind of politician- anything that can exercise leadership or the willingness to work hard.


Pisces are dreamy and creative. Whatever a Pisces is for Halloween, their innovation will be very apparent. For Halloween, a Pisces would make a great hippie, or something that flows and is free spirited. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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