Date Someone Who Shows Up For You

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Date someone who actually shows up.

Who actually shows up for you at your worst and you at your best. Who shows up for the good and the bad and the terrible. Date someone who isn’t just going to be there for the glitter and the glam, but will be there for the rain and the dirt that life will throw your way.

Date someone who not only shows up for you physically, but shows up for you mentally and emotionally. No matter what.

Date the person who would never dare to give up on you. Even if you are tired and worn down. Even when you are shaking from the cold, or burning up from the sun. Even when you are face planted on the floor, ready to throw in the towel.

Date someone who shows up for not only the beautiful parts of your life, but for the ugly and scary nights too. Through the hurricanes and tsunamis, but also through the sunny days with no rain clouds in sight.

Date the person who recognizes that you are not perfect. That you are not the definition of perfection, but you are the definition of the perfect person for them. Date the person who realizes that you are beautiful and sweet, but loves that you are also impulsive and cranky when you get hungry and sometimes completely insane. But they love you anyway.

Date the person who listens to you through your rants and screams and frustrations. Who not only hears you when you are kind and attentive, but hears you when you want to be left alone and when you need your space. Date the person who actually hears what you mean, whether or not it is what they necessarily want to process.

Date the person who loves you for your wounds and flaws and cracks. Who loves you through the ups and downs and dips that love throws at both of you. Date the person who adores you through all the fire and rain and thunderstorms inside your heart. Who shows up for you, no matter the wreckage that you could potentially send their way.

Date the person who never fails to see you for you. Who never fails to love all of you, every single part. And who never fails to show up for everything. For every scratch on your heart. For every crack in your bones. For every match in your soul. For every part of your broken body and for every beautiful part of your mind.

Date the one who is aware of your faults, but is not scared of them. Date the one who is aware of your scars, but will not ever  let that get in the way of their love for you. Date the person who is not afraid of your darkness. Who loves your darkness.

Date the person who never ever stops. Who never gives up. Who never sees your failures as detrimental. Who never sees your flaws as ugliness. And who never ever sees your heart as anything but sacred. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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