This Is The Kind Of Guy Who Deserves To Be Your ‘Forever Person’

Tim Stief
Tim Stief

The kind of guy who deserves your heart forever, is the kind of guy who will take awhile to find. But the wait? It’s going to be so incredibly worth it.

Because the guy who you deserve is not someone who is mediocre. He is not someone who is average or just ‘ok’. No, this guy is anything but average.

This guy doesn’t have to be the best at everything. He doesn’t have to have the best salary, or the best planning skills. He doesn’t have to be the best looking guy in the room with a killer smile. He doesn’t have to be the very best at his job, or even have the type of job that you would deem to be acceptable.

He just has to treat you with love, in everything that he does.

This guy probably won’t have everything going for him. He will have flaws and imperfections. He will have bad days and even worse days. He will carry baggage with him and wounds that are engrained in his heart. He will carry with him the weight of past loves that broke his soul, and the hurt will always be etched on his very own skin.

But he won’t let the past break you.

Because the guy that deserves to be your forever person is going to treat you with dignity and with respect that you haven’t found yet. Your forever person is going to wash you over with so much passion and love, that at first it will be overwhelming.

But then you’ll realize, that this is what you’ve been missing all along.

You were missing the type of person who will make you three types of different tea when you’re sick in bed with the flu. You were missing the type of person who will give you bear hugs just because. You were missing the type of person who will stay with you even when you say something or do something awful to him. You were missing the type of person that says I love you in the way that he looks at you.

You were missing the kind of person who stays. And this guy? He’s going to stay.

The guy you deserve is the one who is scarred and flawed and ruffled. But he speaks to you in poetry and in prose that could make Shakespeare bow his head down in shame.

The guy you deserve is the one who is scared and bashful. But when it comes to you, he is his most bold and most confident that he will ever be.

The guy you is deserve is not glossed over and painted in gold. But my god will he shine when he is with you.

The guy you deserve has cuts and bruises marked on his body and heart but he is the most gentle and caring person that you will ever have the privilege to meet.

And one day? You’ll find him. And one day? He’ll find you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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