This Is What Healthy Love Feels Like

I’m a program coordinator and supervisor for an educational course where educators teach classes about healthy relationships and what they look like. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that sometimes people are in bad relationships simply because they don’t know what a good one feels like, so I’m here to be that reminder. Everyone deserves to feel healthy love, a love that feels so good to them.

Healthy love feels like honesty, it feels like trusting everything that’s right in front of you. It’s knowing you can always anticipate respect the second you walk in the door every day, it’s the security that comes along with knowing that you are your partner’s greatest confident and friend and you’ll never be treated like anything less.

Healthy love feels like coming home every day to a place that brings you ease and confidence in yourself. It’s being able to trust your partner when everything else in your life is uncertain. It makes you feel empowered when everything else seems to remind you when you’re falling short.

Healthy love feels like peace. It’s staying when things are hard. It’s speaking in a tone that doesn’t make those things even harder. It’s a peace so deep that it shows up in the midst of war and finds a way to settle it with kindness.

Healthy love listens more than it speaks. It’s always learning something new. It’s always taking honest conversations seriously, even if they are uncomfortable.

Healthy love requires the commitment to always do better.

It feels like respect.

It feels like patience.

It feels like effort.

It feels like determination.

It feels like friendship.

It’s willing to grow without question.

Healthy love has a mission to create a relationship and a life that feels good for everyone involved in it and it doesn’t let anything get in the way of that.

Remember that you deserve healthy love. Remember that you deserve to feel adored, respected, companionship, and forever with someone that makes you feel better every day. I promise you do, and I promise it exists.

About the author

Leena Lomeli

Featured writer since 2014 | Mama | Lover of life, health & growth.