I Don’t Want An Easy Love

Liat Aharoni
Liat Aharoni

Easy love is not real love. Easy love is above the surface of anything real. It’s too perfect to be authentic. It’s just plain lazy.

Easy love might be enough for some people, but love for me is not supposed to easy. It’s not supposed to feel like sliding down a lazy river.

Real love feels like a rollercoaster that won’t stop dropping.

It feels like fireworks on fourth of July, and like your favorite food you get to have every single day. Real love feels like your favorite song being put on repeat, like the soundtrack to your life is suddenly a catchy pop song instead of an indie sleeper.

And real love also takes real work. It’s not picture perfect everyday. It’s not a leisurely stroll in the park. Because for love to be real, you have to communicate, you have to work out your differences and make changes to please your partner. It is anything but easy.

Real love is a fireball of emotion, of fights, and of compromise.

Real love is midnight talks about insecurities, fears and regrets.

It’s about making mistakes and learning how to forgive. It’s about struggling, but having the guts and the strength to keep on going. 

Easy love isn’t going to last. It might be more pleasant at times, but it is not permanent. Believe it or not, real love takes hard work and stamina. And some days it’s going to feel like you don’t want to go on anymore. Sometimes, you are going to want to leave. And to give up.

But real love is having the amount of love for that other person to keep working and to keep on loving them despite differences.

To be honest,  I’d rather have one big love, than a thousand easy loves. Love isn’t high school. It isn’t holding hands and saying “I love you” every second. No. It’s a beautiful mess. Storms are going to happen no matter. But, it’s the aftermath of that storm that makes the difference. It’s the aftermath of the fall out that is called love. It’s loving them after they try to knock you down. And it’s their love that gets you up everyday. It’s their love that radiates your whole being. They are your sun and your storm all at once. And it’s pretty gosh darn perfect.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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