Date Someone Who Is Just As Weird As You Are

Date Someone Who Is Just As Weird As You Are

Dating a weird person is not a bad thing. In fact, it’s a really really good thing. Because, let’s face it, you’re weird as f*** too.

You dance in your underwear alone while singing into your hairbrush. You like to talk in different accents every two seconds. You talk really loudly in restaurants when it’s dead silent. You like to wear mismatched socks. You prefer silly faces over the popular duck face. You fall. A lot.

You aren’t exactly the picture of perfection.

You like to eat pizza with a fork. And you don’t care that you still cry when you listen to the Jonas Brothers.

We are all weird in our own ways. We all do things out of the norm. And we all make some people uncomfortable. So, instead of shying away from our weird tendencies and weird personalities, I think it’s about damn time we embrace ourselves.

Some people tend to date people who control their weirdness. They are cool, collected and unbothered. They say “thank you” and “please” in every other sentence. They sip tea with their pinky finger. They never say or do anything outrageous. They despise loud, obnoxious people who have their own opinions. They follow the crowd.

And maybe dating this type of person is your thing. Maybe you really are an alien too. But for us weird folks, we can’t be with someone who can’t make fun of themselves. We can’t be with someone who tries to pull in their weird habits, and who tries to change according to what society deems as acceptable. These people might be perfectly nice. And you might even like them for a bit.

But they are oh, so boring.

I mean, come on. Do you really think you are going to last with someone who is cookie cutter perfect in every way? Do you think you are going to fall in love with someone who can’t even embrace your personality? I really don’t think so.

Date someone who is just as weird and obnoxious as you are.

Date someone who has ugly face contests with you. Date someone who likes to yell at the type of their lungs just for fun. Date someone who has his own signature dance that makes every body stare at him in awe. Date someone who accepts your weirdness. And who laughs at himself as much as you laugh at yourself. Date someone who won’t be uncomfortable when you do something completely crazy at a party. Date someone who joins you dancing on top of tables. Date someone who won’t let go of the true you. Who loves you for you.

Don’t date the nice guy. Don’t date the boring guy. Don’t date the one who only tries to please other people. Date the guy who lives for himself. Who loves people. And who loves other weird people.

Date the guy who will love all of your weirdness for better or for worse.

He will never judge you, or tell you how to behave. He will never boss you around and try to mold you into something that society can accept. He will just love you. And that’s all you are going to need. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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