15 Women Reveal How They Overcame Their Worst Heartbreak Ever


1. “I knew that to get over him, I would need to start making big changes in my life. I stopped drinking alcohol, and started to exercise more. It sounds cliche, but it really did work.” — Chelsea, 23

2. “Time was really the only thing that helped.” — Brooke, 25

3. “I had to dig deep into myself to figure out how I could get through it. I realized that I had never loved myself when I was with him. So, that’s what I started doing.” — Lauren, 30

4. ” I had to honestly just date myself. I took myself out to fancy restaurants. I pampered myself. I dressed up. Slowly, he started fading from my thoughts.” — Melody, 19

5. “I had to block him. It was the best thing I ever did to get over it. When you don’t see them on social media, you start to stop thinking of them.” — Rachel, 21

6. “I cried. A lot. It was the only thing to do at the time. But, I truly think it helped heal me.” — Lori, 29

7. “I had to go to therapy. Talking to someone with an unbiased opinion was a godsend for me.” — Jess, 26

8. “I scheduled get togethers once a week with friends. It really lifted my mood and distracted me from the breakup.” — Jen, 27

9. “I had to turn my emotions into a creative energy. I bought one of those well known adult coloring books and became obsessed with it. Diving into that book was the best thing I ever did.” — Kathie, 22

10. “I joined a gym and started kick boxing classes. I seriously, would highly recommend it to anyone.” — Taylor, 24

11. “I decided to take a month off from work to travel. It changed my life in more ways than one and he never crossed my mind that whole time.” — Debbie, 32

12. “I wrote him a five page email about what I loved about him and what I missed about him. Then I wrote another one about how he didn’t deserve someone like me and how much of a relief it was that we were over. I never sent it, but writing all of that down was so therapeutic.” — Ashley, 20

13. “I went to stay at my mom’s house for a while to just have a change in environment. Staying at the place I used to live in with him would’ve killed me.” — Kristen, 28

14. “I went to a local shooting range and got all of my anger out in one day. The best type therapy I’ve experienced.” — Liz, 22

15. “After a few weeks of crying myself to sleep every night, my friends dragged me out of bed and got me all dolled up for a girls night out. After that, I made a decision to be happy because life’s too short not to be.” — Tammy, 27 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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